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    Good places to buy Kangol hats in Toronto?

    any news on where to find kangol hats in toronto three years later???
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    I think I'm having an overdose.

    That Is So Funny!!!!!
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    Words That Make You Giggle

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    What'd ya get?!

    i got a HOT pair of Max Azaria (sp?) black leather stelettos..They're SO great and red on the inside...for.......FIFTY dollars. Jessica Simpson's line makes the exact same shoe for 120!
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    Thailand,vietnam,hong kong or malayasia: you decide for me

    Vietnam for sure. My boyfriend said it was so beautiful and there was so much to do
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    the Hills

    Intelligent investing for dummies. SO funny.
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    the Hills

    HAHA I haven't been here in forever.
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    the Hills

    Not sure if any of you caught the silly aftershow...but i'm going to paraphrase a quote that spencer said in a recent magazine article on him "i would much rather be a reality tv star...people come up to me and and say "Hey! You're Spencer Pratt!!" much better then being Orlando Bloom and...
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    the Hills

    yeah it must be your pc...mine loads it right away. but let it load. you can watch the silly aftershow too if you want.
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    Drew Carey is the next Bob Barker

    FUnny you should say that...Barker is getting sued for the THIRD time right now from one of his show girls for sexual harrassment.
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    the Hills

    Go on mtv.ca...if i dont watch it on Monday night i just watch it the next day on my computer at work
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    the Hills

    and heidi knows he did it...the look on her face when she asked him if he did was so obvious
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    Extract from Slash's upcoming autobiography

    totally would love to read that. The one steven tyler wrote is kinda like that.
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    Halloween 2007

    boyfriend is beetlejuice and i'm wynona ryder (or whatever she was in that movie)
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    Grey's Anatomy

    ya that sucked last night.