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    VETEZE - Summer Camp X (MasterSounds Cut)

    VETEZE - Summer Camp X (MasterSounds Cut) This past August we did the 10th edition of our annual Summer Camp event. I opened for Marcus Meinhardt who was followed by Dirty Doering. I gave myself a two hour slot that night. This is the 3 hour set I could have / would have played. All of these...
  2. veteze

    Pioneer DJM-2000NEXUS Pro DJ DJM-2000nexus mixer AND ECM case - $2500!

    https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1381510545 Selling my DJM2000 NXS mixer and its custom ECM case. It's an amazing piece of hardware. I will post photos tonight. $2500 https://www.pioneerdj.com/en/product/mixer/djm-2000nxs/black/overview/ KEY FEATURES ADVANCED CONNECTIVITY With...
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    VETEZE - Blinker Mix (November 2017)

    VETEZE - Blinker Mix Blinker Mix! Some new synthetic music for you. It's full of techy, textured, amazing tunes. I'm really happy with this one. This track list has been simmering for a month or so now and has been re-arranged a couple times. I've pulled some duds out, made it less "slow" at...
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    VETEZE - Not a techno mix

    https://hearthis.at/veteze/not-a-techno-mix Despite how much I tried to keep this deep and lovely I still couldn't help drop a couple techno songs in here. Whoops! But they're the softer kind. Enjoy! ;) 1 - Francesco Rossi, David Garza - When You Touch Me 2 - Jan Blomqvist - Stories Over...
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    Shows worth watching?

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    odd animated gifs V 2.0

    christ, how long do i have to stare at that? geez! :)
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    The new board software...

    Pricing Calculator | Microsoft Azure about $8/month for 200 gigs storage, 250,000 operations / month, 100 gigs transfer, 50 gigs write.
  8. veteze

    The new board software...

    You could use an Azure blob for file uploads. It's pretty inexpensive. And then the files are portable as well. Meaning the links will stay the same if the board software or domain changes.
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    VETEZE - Lucky Part 1

    Part 2 VETEZE - Lucky (Part 2) (November 2016) This one is quite a bit techier than part 1. Enjoy! ;)
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    VETEZE - Lucky Part 1

    ha! thanks again. ;) working on part 2 this week. it'll be a touch techier.
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    VETEZE - Lucky Part 1

    Ah, so the phone experience still sucks. Gotcha. I'll complain! :)
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    VETEZE - Lucky Part 1

    What did you have to do in the end?
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    VETEZE - Lucky Part 1

    Ha. Thanks! :) I appreciate you taking the time to comment. So nice.