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    LF: DJ headphone

    your pm box is full! I've got a pair of Sennheiser HD 433 (you can google it for the specs). Not sure if they're what you're looking for but you can have them for $20 until you find a better pair.
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    wtb: dvd player, tv, vcr, stereo, toaster etc.

    if you need a microwave, my friend's got one, it's an older bigger model but still works fine and it's free, you've just gotta pick it up. email me sha_song@hotmail.com
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    mattress + microwave

    hey, i'm posting this for a friend. for sale: double mattress and boxspring, $150 free: microwave, older bigger model but still works great, perfect for students. items must be picked up. bloor and spadina area. email if interested sha_song@hotmail.com
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    FS: Sony PS2 and Sony Clie SJ-33 Palm

    hey, i know someone that's looking to get a new ps2. is this the new one that's chipped so you can play burned games on it? you might have already mentioned it but i'm electronic-illiterate. lemme know if it's still available. thanx!
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    FS: Luscious Zip-up

    hey, i'm selling an XS grey velour luscious zip-up dress. it's never been worn, i got it for my sister for her birthday and she says it's not really her style and it's too late for me to return it. it was $120 in the stores, i'll sell it for $90. i can't find a picture of it but i know it's...
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    a scenario / how would you react?

    well, since there was no toilet paper left, i bet he wiped on your clothes, now all u've gotta do is piss on his bed.
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    for sale: DJ Gear

    hello...just wondering what dnb records u have and what you're askin for them....thanx