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    Louie Vega @ Solid Garage vs Dance Ritual

    Vega set up Great discussion about sound and equipment. In my opinion, it's the BEST investment any club owner or promoter can make!!! For this party, we purchased the last Soundcraft Urei LE Mixer from Play De (sorry for anyone that was thinking of buying it ;). Louie's sound man Moises...
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    Louie Vega @ Solid Garage vs Dance Ritual

    On behalf of United Soul & Project Blue, we would like to thank everyone who supported Solid Garage vs Dance Ritual NYC feat. Vega, Groove Institute, Joe Rizla, Marcelo Cruz, Martino, Marko Bongo & Chico Pacheco. What an incredible night of SOLID DANCE RITUAL GARAGE MUSIC!!! Louie...
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    Glenn Underground & Boo Williams @ Suba

    thank you from US Just want to say a special thank you to all that participated in making this party a memorable one. We appreciate all your comments and hope to use this feedback to make the next party even better. Thank you on behalf of United Soul Events, ForwardThinking Events, Mixed...
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    Robert Owens at Revival

    A solid garage thank you Just want to say a special thank you to everyone that supported SOLID GARAGE Live feat. Robert Owens, King Sunshine, Albert Assoon & Groove Institute. Robert sends his LOVE to everyone that made his visit a memorable one. We hope to have him back! United Soul Events
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    NYC club recommendations

    I am heading to New York this weekend and these are some of the parties that I am hitting this weekend. Friday May 23, 2008 Night: - Boat Cruise with Ruben Torro and Louie Lou Gorbea - 9pm - 12 Midnight - Temple Movement with Marlon D, Rueben Mancias (Devotion San Francisco), and Ruben Torro...
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    Chicago House Music Club/Event websites?

    Clubs: Ohm (Saturdays) and Green Dolphin (Mondays) http://www.ohmnightlife.com/ http://www.jazzitup.com/ Promotion Company: http://www.music-101.com/s2/ Event Listings: http://www.fusicology.com/index/homepage/
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    The hole that Roxy Blu left...

    I totally agree with your above statement. House music in my opinion is like the Disco of the 70's. There isn't any mainstream support on any level: print, television, and radio. Any support for electronic music in this city is usually found on an independent level where it does not reach the...
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    Jephte Guillaume, Soul Immigrants, Dave Campbell & Lonewolf Mix Sets

    greetings supporters of soulful dance music! Visit www.unitedsoul.ca and get connected!! NEW JUNE 2006 MIX SETS by: Jephte Guillaume (Tet Kale Records) - In the mix Dave Campbell http://www.myspace.com/djdcent - Summer House Mix 2 Soul Immigrants...
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    Francois K

    Thanks for the clarification.
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    Francois K

    Why would you say that is not a feed back loop? It is the same source that is fed back into the main counsel.
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    Francois K

    When I saw him back in 2003 in Detroit at the Transmat party, I got to witness first hand how Francois works his magic. We were only about 10 feet away from the main dj console, it was situated in the middle of the floor, and you could literally grab his cds and records. Well the way that...
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    Francois K

    I made a mistake with the first date at Stereo it was back in 2001 of November, how time flys.
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    Francois K

    As for the set from Francois, I think he will be playing the way that he has played over the last couple of years, more to the vibe of Deep Space. Expect to hear dub, reggae, drum n' bass and techno and a sprinkling of house. I have heard him in four different cities over three years and...
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    I would have to say each one of the Body & Soul dj's are very experienced and each one brings their own unique vibe to the dance floor. I used to be one of those people that didn't really enjoy Danny's sets in the past. The first time I heard him was back in 95' at the "Sound Factory Bar"...
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    producers, djs of the year?

    Franck Roger!!!