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    ask alexd

    Ya this board sure got ran in to the ground.
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    Legends United: Freaky Flow b2b Capital J b2b DJ Spinz

    Nice see ya there. You gonna dropping any older stuff?
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    For Rent: 3 Bedroom house (Danforth & Greenwood area)

    Damn thats cheap. I need a wife to split rent with.
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    Follow Tribers On Soundcloud

    https://soundcloud.com/junglist-manifesto/sets/chili-banks-astounding-science-fiction-lp-available-everywhere-august-1-2014 My new concept LP. Enjoy :)
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    My concept album my gift to you: Chili Banks - "Astounding Science Fiction" LP

    Cheers man. My label has a distributor so I dont get paid directly from Beatport so I guess the answer is no. They pay my distro for every copy sold no threshold. Though I will say their quarterly minimum required sales to stay on BP is pretty high. Having a large back catalogue has helped with...
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    My concept album my gift to you: Chili Banks - "Astounding Science Fiction" LP

    Junglist Manifesto Recordings Presents: Chili Banks - "Astounding Science Fiction" LP "From the far horizons of the unknown come transcribed tales of new dimensions in time and space. These are stories of the future, adventures in which you'll live in a million could be years on a thousand...
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    Jungle inspired Juke/Footwork

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    Jungle inspired Juke/Footwork

    This creeped up in 2011 then promptly disappeared after a few e.p.'s. Some decent stuff out there if you poke around.
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    Apocalypse will be worth watching.
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    Louis CK and Bill Hicks

    I guess I dont base my opinions blindly based on what the media tells me. Enjoy your Pabst, Bieber, Dane Cook, CNN and life in the good ol USA.
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    Louis CK and Bill Hicks

    Bill Hicks was definitely funny. Also as stated Doug Stanhope is probably the closest thing to that style we have these days. He is pretty ignorant about a lot of things but at least he is funny. You guys have posted clips that are not funny but even if they were they certainly arent thought...
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    Louis CK and Bill Hicks

    Ah yes all men are rapists, killers or just plain stupid. This is so unoriginal and really not funny at all. Also that nut allergy bit is soooooo old and tired.
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    Louis CK and Bill Hicks

    Ah of course, the old thats not his funniest stuff excuse. Please post some examples of his best work then. Ive seen a lot of his work and its simply not funny and certainly not thought provoking. I saw that show with the slavery bit. It doesnt offer any deeper insight its just crass bullshit...