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Recent content by Ubu Roi

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    Is Jerry Springer staged?

    I haven't seen anything this amazing in ages... marrying people infront of betrayed partners... partners get pissed... cue: wedding cake fight. amazing.... and now an ashley madison ad... I love it
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    Is Jerry Springer staged?

    Hey... I am sure it is... is there proof??? (Watching Spagetti Ho's as we speak... wicked)
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    I need your Help... $$$

    how about a 172 hour test drive.
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    I need your Help... $$$

    tried everything... no small pickup trucks at car rental places... no one wants to rent them... (why would you rent a small one?) it is a commerical for a GPS unit.
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    I need your Help... $$$

    thanks... nissans, mazdas, chevy s10s ... anything! please please please
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    I need your Help... $$$

    Circle Productions is interested in a small pick-up truck for an upcoming commercial production that shoots Monday September 19th, 2005, and Tuesday September 20th 2005. Circle Productions is a Canadian based commercial production company with offices in Toronto and Vancouver. We are known...
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    look how happy this mbna employee looks!!!

    mbna outsources their call centre to Gemmacom... www.gemmacom.com... let me tell you, the employees there *are not* anywhere close to that happy.
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    BRT for UBU ROI

    ha... weird try now
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    The morning after...

    I have my final university exam this morning... planing to use up the rest of my luck... A lottery ticket would put me in a karmic hole... one can't get too greedy :)
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    The morning after...

    Thank-you! <although I really had little to do with it.... > sometimes it all works out.
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    The morning after...

    ... so those of you dying for a conclusion... I landed the job at about 9:20am yesterday, and then at about 3:15pm (just after google searching for a resignation letter template) I was given the good ol'e pink slip... cutbacks... terribly sorry... settlement.... two weeks vacation... WICKED.
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    Captain Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise

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    CANACA help

    Does anyone have there emergency number? their servers are down...
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    Russel Crowe in Yorkville...

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ..... that was amazing.
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    so I just walked into Starbucks...

    This album was widely anticipated.... and it disapointed.... it has about as much artistic vision as "barasta selects..." oh wait...