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Recent content by Tricky kid

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    make:shift #1 now available!

    Excellent first release. Keep them coming!
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    Drum&Bass Inperspective the Radio Warm Up!

    Sunday September 12th check out Waterloo Radio http://www.psk.ca/test2/pirateship.jpg For the webcast try http://ckmsfm.uwaterloo.ca/webcast.html
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    tunes you're diggin' right now....

    I have been diggin mostly odds and ends lately nothing specific except for the new D-Bridge stuff and the Roots new album "The Tipping Point"
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    Jaga Jazzist, now things are looking up

    whats tonight?
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    psk.ca presents bUcKy for your summer time needs...

    check out the dodz, quasar, nebu kad, stormshadow and Sean F (aka 427) mixes too cause they are all very nice!
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    psk.ca presents bUcKy for your summer time needs...

    tracklisting: Beta 2 - Sweet as Calibre - P.U.R. Break - Hearing Voices Cause 4 Concern - Paranormal Spirit - 20/20 pt. 2 Silent Witness - Trench Nasty Habits- Shadowboxing (Jonny L rmx) The Militia - War Cry Spirit - Soul Survivor Goldie - Angel III (Loxy & Ink rmx) DJ Crystl -...
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    psk.ca presents bUcKy for your summer time needs...

    New Bucky Mix with tracklisting available for download at:psk.ca enjoy!
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    recommended recent sets / albums

    www.psk.ca has lots of dope sets something for everyone.
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    Maximum Music

    psk.ca is proud to present an Essential Mix by Toronto's own DJ/Producer Dodz here is the tracklisting: **intro to atmo - dodz** seba/chris j - cruising in time (new directions) seba - hidden reflections (secret operations) polyglot - facs and scythe (biotic) lies RMX - blame (720)...
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    psk.ca updated with a New Essential Mix

    www.psk.ca Check out the brand new Essential Mix by Toronto's own DJ/Producer Dodz. Also be sure to explore the site because more goodies are coming soon!
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    Trip Hop...

    ^^^ I know.
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    Trip Hop...

    off the top of my head check out www.ninjatune.net all the artists tour dates are listed plus audio is scattered about the site also check out http://www.astralwerks.com/
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    New psk.ca mix

    the Bucky mix tracklisting: Urban Style Music (Hidden Agenda RMX) - Lemon D Kickin' Tha Habit - Klute Zanzibar (Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance) - Total Science So Confused - Syntax Firing Line - Teebee Heads Will Roll - Ed Rush & Optical Psychic Killer - Slient Witness & Break Cold...