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    Java and PHP developers needed at one of Toronto's top employers

    I Love Rewards Inc. is looking for junior and senior PHP and Java developers. We're a young (average age of 29) and growing (around 40 people) company and I know anyone I find from Tribe would fit in well. You just gotta know your stuff! We're getting into alot of Web Services / SOA development...
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    Booka Shade

    I'm so pumped for this, but I'll have to bounce between Mod Club and Toi Bar for a birthday party. Anyone know the set times?
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    Java developers needed!

    I made a posting for a Senior Java Developer, but another position just opened up for anyone with good knowledge of design patterns and experience in implementing them, and has experience or can learn the Spring MVC framework paired with Hibernate ORM, or any experience in enterprise web...
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    AP/AR coordinater needed

    Here's the proof that we're an awesome company to work for: http://www.thestar.com/specialsections/top50 http://www.canadastop100.com/toronto/
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    AP/AR coordinater needed

    I Love Rewards has an entry level position for someone with a B.Com or similar education, an interest in accounting, and advanced Excel skills. Experience in an incentive marketing or entrepreneurial environment is a bonus. More info can be found here. Come work for one of the top 100...
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    PHP developers needed

    I Love Rewards needs 5 PHP developers for a 3 month contract. You'll be picking up an existing codebase and helping us add features to it. More info can be found here. Thanks a lot! Will
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    Senior Java Developer needed

    I Love Rewards is looking for a senior Java developer that can help us move forward with a project that will evolve into an SOA. We're using Spring with Hibernate as our web application framework. If you have some experience with SOAs, PM me and I'll get the process going. More info can be found...
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    Milligan @ Footowork

    *bump* set times?
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    Booka Shade

    Anyone know if they'll be doing their live show? I'm there regardless.
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    Ursula 1000 New mix Funk breaks dnb house essential mix

    This dude needs to come to Toronto. When was his last visit? Awesome mix!
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    EdIT, Department of Motion, Phat conductor ................

    DUDE. Not only are you lame, but that was MY apartment and you were just going out with my roomate. Sure you lived there most of the time, but. SO HITTING THIS UP.. I'll even drive your lame ass if I have to.
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    Crime on Beverly Street?? Looking to move there

    I love you all. Thanks for the for the help :) Now I just hope roomie #2 buys in.
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    Crime on Beverly Street?? Looking to move there

    Steve (Lok) and I are thinking of moving into a place at Beverly and Grange (between Dundas and Queen). It's a ground floor and basement three bedroom that faces Grange Park, brand new, super nice, both of us are sold. But the other roomate has heard of lots of break and enters in the area: his...
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    Legal Advice Redux

    And fuck the po-lice.