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Recent content by tonep

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    Car Lease almost up - now what?

    how much do cars cost in the matrix?
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    US Airways flight 1549 goes down in Hudson River

    hahaha i hate richard branson
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    Travelling to Egypt

    i went to egypt last march... its hot, dirty, and the people are really rude... they dont let tourist travel alone, this is to avoid terrorist attacks.. instead (from hurghatta where we were) they put all the tourist in a convoy of busses headed for luxor... thus creating one large target that...
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    Henry Rollins Writes a Love Letter To Ann Coulter

    the read is good too, but theres something about listening to henry rollins read his journal that just adds to it
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    Henry Rollins Writes a Love Letter To Ann Coulter

    awesome, and if you think this is good listen to Henry Rollins "get in the van"
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    did SNL go to far with this?

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    Skiing in Japan

    snowboarder just did an article on it, supposed to be sick or you could just come to Utah
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    What (house) are you listening to?

    not much man, just been traveling for the last year or so... hoping to make it up there before the New Year sometime....
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    What (house) are you listening to?

    insert shameless self promotion here....;)
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    European summer festivals

    all i have to say is LUCIANO!!!!!....holly shit did he bring it, him and tanzman killed it.... great party
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    European summer festivals

    its not a festival, but the DC 10 opening party on monday is going to be awesome, i cant wait... http://www.dc10ibiza.com/dc10ibiza/
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    The Travel Thread

    im staying on the boat we sail out of there on
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    The Travel Thread

    anyone ever been to the Maldives? i work on sailboats now and am heading there March 9th to work on a boat. Spening 5 days there then sailing up throug the gulf of Aden, Red Sea and through the Suez.... once in the Mediterannean we are going to turkey for a while.... we have planned stops...
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    jazzanova set from supermarket and dixon kicking ass

    dude kills it, thanks browntown
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    The Definitive Metal Thread

    Best current Metal out there