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    Anyone going to Victor Calderone and Nathan Baratto tonight?

    At Stereo ... ??? In Montreal for the first time in a few years. Thinking a visit to Stereo may be in order. Is it as good as it ever was?
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    Spin Magazine: The New Rave Generation

    Lol. Thank you. Now that that argument is sorted ...
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    Spin Magazine: The New Rave Generation

    Savvy. I agree. All of this, 'it used to be better,' talk is like someone's dad saying, everything from Nirvana to Kings of Leon sucks because it wasn't around in the 1960's. That's just ridiculous. But, what everyone is overlooking about the article, that I found interesting was where the...
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    Best albums of 2011, thus far....

    Recently picked up The Submarines newest: Love Notes/letter bombs. While it's very simple it's also quite fantastic in it's own innocent way. Listening to this, I feel like it's what Metric should be. Just my opinion but if you like light, poppy, simple rock (for lack of a more specific term)...
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    Sheepdogs grace Rollingstone cover:

    I don't know if many Tribers are fans of the Sheepdogs, but either way, pretty huge for a band out of Saskatoon! I was looking forward to seeing them open for Kings of Leon before Cal's vocal chords got exhausted, aka, he needed time to dry out, ol.
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    Web optimal PDF recomendations?

    Hi all, I'm doing some research on some options for web optimized pdfs and was wondering if any of you have any experience with particular styles? What worked well for your website, what didn't/doesn't ... any recommendations? Examples? Thanks!
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    Most recognized Canadian DJ?

    I think if you had resorted to the Jesus pose more often during your System Soundbar sets, you'd be right there in the Richie\Deadmau5 debate Matt, lol. :p
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    Best albums of 2011, thus far....

    That review is an interesting post. Everytime you try to believe the music industry isn't completely soulless, lol. I guess you take it for what it is. I like it, but I can't argue against why you don't like it, if that makes any sense. I assume you aren't holding your breath for the...
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    First State: Sarah Howells immortal?

    Just hear skies on fire (‪First State ft Sarah Howells - Skies on Fire‬‏ - YouTube) for the first time this week on PVD's podcast. So sick. Is it just me or is this duo pumping out trance hit after trance hit this past year? I have yet to hear the entire album, but I know of three...
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    Best albums of 2011, thus far....

    I would say the album is a bit over produced with a few too many collaborations to keep up with. But, it depends on what your looking for. If you simply want more of what he's done before than yes, it's definitely not for you. That's okay. Artists evolve and fans can roll with it or pass it...
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    Amy Winehouse Found Dead

    A trained voice with great range doesn't make a fantastic singer. The majority of majorly successful singers out there right now probably wouldn't fit that bill. What a classically trained musician thinks doesn't mean anything about how a voice sounds and how it's used. Look at Jimi Hendrix, Bob...
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    eastbound and down

    be quiet and get prepared to shut the fuck up!
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    eastbound and down

    noboyd makes swearing sounds as good as Kenny Fucking powers.
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    Best albums of 2011, thus far....

    Lupe Fiasco: LASER: love his delivery, a lot of different sounds on the album and a range of depth in the variety of songs. Fantastic album. 4 out of 5.
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    The Dark Tower

    Of course. Excited for nothing.