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    Happened on the Croatian coast (near Split) last year, almost on the same date too.
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    The Dance Plague of 1518?

    Toronto Blessing "The blessing has become known for ecstatic worship, including what is known as falling or resting in the Spirit, laughter, shaking, and crying. "Holy laughter" was a hallmark manifestation and there were also instances of participants roaring like lions and making other...
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    UFO over Moscow - don't worry only "clouds"

    It's probably a fallstreak hole or punch hole cloud.
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    Bad Rave Drugs?

    I knew you didn't pay attention when I talk to you! :p You are confusing stories...at another event at the Opera House during a performance, a par can light fell on Bunny of Rabbit in the Moon's head and he had to get rushed to the hospital for stitches and concussion.
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    uncovering god's work ! molecule pictured for the first time

    Arnold Poindexter: So what you're saying essentially is, is that along with infinite space which extends beyond perpetual bigness there's also infinite smallness? Harold Wormser: [nods head in agreement] Arnold Poindexter: How? Harold Wormser: Easy. Take an asymptotic line and extend it...
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    uncovering god's work ! molecule pictured for the first time

    It became known after his passing and is in his biography. From his wikipedia entry: "Sagan was a user of marijuana. Under the pseudonym "Mr. X", he contributed an essay about smoking cannabis to the 1971 book Marihuana Reconsidered. The essay explained that marijuana use had helped to inspire...
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    Orbital play live in Ibiza, but no one comes

    You are kidding right?
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    Cheapest trips to Ibiza?

    Sorry to fuel the Hrvatska thread hijack...but thought this info would be relevant. Zrće is definitely something to check out. If you are going to a club with a big guest there will more than likely be a cover charge. Seeing up to 150 KN (20 Euro, 33 CAD) for some events i.e. Aquarius...
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    Powerful Italian earthquake kills many

    from wiki and other various sources: "Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi refused foreign aid for the emergency, saying that Italians were "proud people" and had sufficient resources to deal with the crisis. However he announced that he would accept the aid from the United States for...
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    Contact info for Bird Lounge

    That was Xacutti. Both it and Bird shut down over a year ago.
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    All-ages clubs

    oh you wouldn't believe what happened now... you wouldn't mind sending out an AC adapter to me would you?:D
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    All-ages clubs

    That was NRG in Burlington. Its already been covered in this thread!:p
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    All-ages clubs

    LOL! They still are around...not djing though. GQ was George from Shakedown Sound & Lighting and Jimmy 'Lightning' who is now manager of This Is London and formerly at Tonic.
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    All-ages clubs

    So it was Astralight that burned to the ground?
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    All-ages clubs

    I thought there was a place in Mississauga called "Superstars" or something like that?