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    Jamie Kidd ++ Platform Mix 3.0 (July.2009)

    YAY! Delicious.....:p
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    Skream + Benga

    Toronto dancers rock it all night long. whatchu talkin bout? Anyway, I don't think i was talkin bout u, maybe the dude was just hi, in that case, what are ya gonna do. put a shirt on him? And a straitjacket? i guess im just venting. lo siento. peace.
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    Skream + Benga

    innovators Skream and Benga were epic, it was heavy and deep and filthy and freakin hot in there, just like i like it........ the only thing i gotta say is Why do huge guys like dancing with elbows and armpits? If ur huge please don't hog the front, cover up ur pits, don't rachet around ur...
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    wholy phuck - effing epic

    Incredible night! Impeccable setup, just gorgeously lit, comfortable and trippy. Omy and what delectable sound, at once pristine and filthy, both rooms. I was everywhere and there were always wicked beats to take me higha....u guys have got it down! Thank u for all the hard work and all...
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    bace - When I Had Hair

    yeaaay!!!! thank u such filthy roarin bace blisssss
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    Box of Kittens

    it was a fantastic night, I couldn't get out of the cocooned room fullah dubstep, SOOOOOOOOOO SICK. Komodo was incredible, the whole line up in that room was pretty representative of how dubstep is revolution (say ay)...n phat conductor wreaked havoc!!! I mean, ill. the techno area was an insane...
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    i still like it, its good to know what people have to say even if you choose to put it aside. i pick up a copy then head across the street to alibabas for their chicken shwarma. perfect ambiance of roasting meat and stinkydelicious sauce. Read vice jammin down a schwarma while crackheads...
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    dubstep = fresh!

    dubstep is as heavy as i like it to b, perfect for smokin big faat dubes to on these grey days, i think toronto is the ideal cold dark and concrete shriven place for dubstep to percolate......bring it on
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    box of kittens

    oh my heart.....
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    box of kittens

    utterly delish. howd they manage to get all those kittens to stack up in a pyramid like that? Where is that picture!!!
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    FS: Pemberton Festival plus camping!

    350 or best offer...
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    FS: Pemberton Festival plus camping!

    Three day ticket to the Pemberton Festival plus festival camping pass, $350.... http://www.pembertonfestival.com/home/ its gonna b massive! Lemme kno...
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    Cherry Beach!

    cherry beach is a blessing, thank you promise! Who was that bashin it up b4 twilight? Nitin? You rock boy...and Jamie Kidd is always delish...