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  1. Thunder

    Trump Presidency

    All kinds of spin going on but they can't stop the first hand accounts from nurses and doctors that are being uploaded to social media each day. The disturbing details of their experiences are justifiably scaring the shit out of the american public, myself included. Southfield is 15 minutes...
  2. Thunder

    Vocal House Set

    New Vocal House set 1 Lovesick Cureton 2 Memories Matisse & Sadko 3 Body Loud Luxury, Brando 4 All I Want (original Club mix) Calippo 5 Say A Prayer For Me Rafas 6 Thinking About It (Fabich/Ferdinand Weber remix) Just Kiddin 7 Make Me Feel Better Alex Adair 8 Silverlined XYconstant 9...
  3. Thunder

    How's everyone holding up?

    Hi Alex! We ain't got no lardons but we do have plenty of meat to bbq and smoke still. Grocery stores are still delivery food for now which is good! We're lucky we have a very secluded sub and there's a massive county park in walking distance I can take my dog for long walks and escape...
  4. Thunder

    Coronavirus Pandemic

    Do any of you have any youtube content you've been watching regularly to keep up to date? If so please share! I've been watching this guy (Chris M at peak prosperity) and Dr. John Campbell.
  5. Thunder

    Coronavirus Pandemic

    Sure but does it give you an interactive map!?
  6. Thunder

    Coronavirus Pandemic

    Here in Michigan cases are soaring but people were out in droves yesterday walking around my neighborhood with the nicer weather. I'm sure it'll be the same today.. Merica sure does love it's freedom. I use Stacey and this site to get my daily damage report...
  7. Thunder

    Liquid DnB Mix - Wintersoul Vol 2.0

    Tracklist 1 Simiah Ill Truth 2 Just One Look (feat Charli Brix) Enei 3 Solitude (feat Alexa Harley - extended mix) Hybrid Minds 4 Little Pieces (feat Steo) Zero T 5 Badinage D.amadeus 6 Birthday Song Inja X Logistics 7 Slow Down (feat ROBB - Paul SG remix) Camo & Krooked 8 Suga Suga Unknown...
  8. Thunder

    Liquid DnB Mix - Wintersoul Vol 2.0

    Greetings! New mix up on mixcloud I'll post set list shortly but it's available on mixcloud Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/73u5ioa7zc0akb4/WinterSoul_Vol_2.0_DNB.mp3/file
  9. Thunder

    Casey's House - Thunder

    Hey folks new house mix I finished and put up a couple of weeks ago, enjoy! In case it doesn't work actually link is: www.mixcloud.com/hungrythunder/caseys
  10. Thunder

    DJs you want to see

    It's safe to assume most people here like house and techno.. I saw Aphrodite in Detroit a couple of weekends ago.. and met him. I think he's on the spectrum or has some type of touching phobia. He was nice but strange character to say the least. His set was great though.. old and new mixed...
  11. Thunder

    Winter Depress Mix Vol 3.0

    Hey guys here's my latest mash up mixtape multi genre mix. I have a few others on my mixcloud, in case you were wondering there is a 1.0 and 2.0.. Please check it out!
  12. Thunder

    Falling Into Winter - Thunder Drum & Bass Mix

    Here we go guys a second mix with some of the newer tracks from last year.
  13. Thunder

    Rene Lavice on BBC Radio 1

    Sorry if this was already posted. So Rene took over and it's getting better but the first few shows he was awful.. Friction was my refuge each week.. my muse to hear new music from all the different subgenres of DNB. Maybe it's something about hearing a North American accent on bbc and i'm...
  14. Thunder

    Republican GOP

    Living in the states now.. It's a hell of a thing. I feel like many of the GOP moderates just pick that side because they know for various reasons their chances of getting voted in are higher even though if you put their views and platform beside a Dem's there really isn't much that separates them.
  15. Thunder

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    They have a bunch of other videos but I really love new rockstars for all the info..