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    Nobody Cares...

    downloads Toronto Rave Mixtape Archive
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    Trump Presidency

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    Depeche Mode fans

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    How could I get rid of the raccoons?

    This post seems rather odd...a new member, posting about RACCOONS, in WINTER...on a Toronto rave forum?!?
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    Nobody Cares...

    Watch video showing that Lady Gaga's Super Bowl 'jump' was staged - NME
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    Depeche Mode fans

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    2012: the year electronic music broke

    The Chainsmokers Are the Nickelback of EDM The duo brings all the worst cliches of the genre, and just might destroy it. BY MATT MILLER JAN 30, 2017 At this point, hating on Nickelback is about as uninspired as Nickelback itself. There's not even any joy to be had in writing smart things...
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    Depeche Mode fans

    new album Spirit out Friday March 17 first single Where's The Revolution out this Friday Feb 03
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    Shows worth watching?

    Stranger Things receives award for Outstanding Performance in an Ensemble in a Drama Series at the SAG Awards fiery speech by cast member David Harbour but also check out the facial expressions on Winona Ryder o_O:eek::D:confused:
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    HMV Canada to close all 102 stores

    Hollie Shaw | January 27, 2017 6:42 PM ET More from Hollie Shaw | @HollieKShaw TORONTO • The digital music and movie boom has claimed another bricks and mortar victim, with HMV Canada set to close all of its 102 stores in the coming months after 30 years in business. The ailing company, which...
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    Nobody Cares...

    wishing that Laurent Garnier wasn't playing on a Thrusday night...I got work tomorrow morning!
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    Arrival was boring and overrated La La Land was ok but still overrated
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    Resurgance in vinyl manufacturing to be led by Canadian company?

    Jack White to open vinyl pressing plant in Detroit White’s Third Man Records are making the first ever climate-controlled pressing plant environment. Third Man Records Jack White’s Third Man Records is set to open a brand new vinyl pressing plant in Detroit. Located in Motor City’s Cass...
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    Snuka was one of my favourites as a kid..heard he killed his wife though and was too ill to stand trial Iron Mike died last year
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    Gunmen open fire at BPM finale

    Got a message from a friend that went last week to the festival that he is safe and iis in another town