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    Rogue One - Discussion With Spoilers

    Second worst Star Wars film, IMO. The only one worse for me is Episode 2. I emailed this to KMW last night after seeing it: Star Wars: A New Hope is a film about relationships between people, and just so happens to take place in space. Rogue One was about a 40 year old technicality in the...
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    Anyone replaced a HD in a MacBook to SSD?

    The Mac ships with software called "Disk Utility" which is all you need for cloning. Plug the old HDD in through USB, open Disk Utility, and then "Restore" the old disk onto the new one. Clone City. :D
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    Summer Chill - Sean Crawford "Sun drop to Sunset"

    Worth revisiting Just about to share this out of my DropBox with someone on Facebag. Figured it was worth posting here again. :D
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    Apple TV

    Roku > Apple TV I sold Apple TV to everyone around me FERVENTLY after seeing how amazing and intuitive AirPlay was. Being able to have a multi-person YouTube battle with no need for authentication between WiFi enabled iOS devices and laptops is INCREDIBLE. That said: the stand-alone Apple TV...
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    Do any of you run Windows on a Macbook Pro?

    I run Parallels on my work machine. (severely under-powered three year old Macbook Air) and it's fucking flawless. Rather incredible really. It has something new called "confluence mode" where the Windows Apps live in my dock or apps folder as though they were for Mac. I launch Visio for...
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    Best tool to wipe drives before throwing them away?

    I don't understand the motivation here. Is the point to give them away to charity and leave them functional but blank? Just drive a spike through them with a hammer! OR, borrow a friend's Macintosh and use the built-in Disk Utility. You can select different levels of security and designate...
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    broken camera question

    I wore the shutter button out in my Canon Rebel xti... Canon service centre in Mississauga wanted 250$ just to crack the case open... I opened it myself, got an exploded view schematic to find the part number, & they sold me a new button for 6 bucks. Repair won't be cost effective.
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    Dove soap sucks and here's why

    Staged, Contrived, Manipulative, Exploitive, Racist, Malicious... BUY MORE THINGS, UGLY! Your success in work, love, and even the way you treat your children depends on you valuing yourself based on your appearance! BUY MORE THINGS!!
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    Iphone 5s vs Samsung 4s vs BBz10

    I'm gonna give it another whirl when I get one in my hands next. The one I used was set to shoot the photo when you touched anywhere on screen. :p
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    Iphone 5s vs Samsung 4s vs BBz10

    Good. That makes sense then. They are at least keeping up with the tap to focus standard that's been set... Unfortunately this photo that Alicia Keys herself posted from the stage of her Montreal show is the final nail in the Z-10 Camera's Coffin for me...
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    How do you stream internet radio to your PS3?

    XBox user here: I can add internet radio stations to iTunes as though they are playlists. Then I use my media server (connect 360) to push all of my playlists to the XBox. The radio station will then play over the 360. Hope that gives you some idea as to how to get it working! technics1200
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    Iphone 5s vs Samsung 4s vs BBz10

    Consider a scenario where the camera focuses itself, but on the wrong thing. Example: it pulls focus on the background instead of faces in the foreground. How do you manually trigger the camera to refocus, and tell it WHERE to focus. iPhone & Android solved this too long ago with tap to focus...
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    How to set up an HD OTA antenna to get free HD TV in Toronto

    That's very helpful, actually!
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    How to set up an HD OTA antenna to get free HD TV in Toronto

    THIS! Times 10. I want to utilize the existing cable network currently supplying coaxial connections to all of the bedrooms in our house. But is there a bleeding signal problem with Digital OTA just like analog? As in: the signal quality is compromised by an overly complex network of coaxial...
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    Iphone 5s vs Samsung 4s vs BBz10

    The camera on the Z-10 shits the bed indoors or at night. Brutal low light performance. Like a 3Gs, but with a worse UX. Tapping on the screen to take a picture means there's no way for you to invoke the auto focus. You literally have to sit there like a doofus waiting for it to decide it...