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    Diablo 3 is your daddy

    Im using the monk and I find that Im still using the earlier runes and talents, than the next levelled rune/talent. Just working for me. Plus monks just kick ass anyways. anyone want to multiplayer im game. Inferno kind of needs it. DeafWes#1220
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    Diablo 3 is your daddy

    Multiplayer. my Battletage is: DeafWes#1220 This game is sooooo much fun. so reminiscent.
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    Battlefield 3 thread of base rape and vehicle spawn camping thread of DOOOM!!!!

    I just got BF3.... and Im in Heart with it... add me so we can play. WesDElectrician
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    MW3 = PS3 = Add me WesDElectrician
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    The Ps3 User Thread...

    PS3 - Lets play MW3 Anyone Add me... WesDElectrician
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    FS: Pair of SOUNDGARDEN Tickets July 2nd

    What up... like the titles says... Pair of SG tickets for July 2nd @ Molson Amphitheater... 400's $180.00 for 2 tickets. PM if interested... Wes
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    WES THE ELECTRICIAN - Circuitbreaker Vol. 2 [Breaks - (Good Electro)]

    Yuppers... Same Electrician from back in the day... and i know Dawn yes... and Drop Zone... also yes... haha...
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    FS: x0xb0x $520

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    My latest mix is up in the DJ mixes section

    Circuitbreaker Vol 2... go download it... also got a bunch of hard copies for free at the boxing day Bass n Breaks jam on the 26th... Happy Holidays <3 Wes
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    WES THE ELECTRICIAN - Circuitbreaker Vol. 2 [Breaks - (Good Electro)]

    The Electrician – Circuitbreaker Vol. 2 December 2010 11 Years later... the follow up to Circuitbreaker Vol. 1 =) Track List – 1 hr 6 mins 50 sex Meat Katie and Dylan_Rhymes – Roll Player (Specimen A Remix) Freefire - Dataloss (Darth and Vader Remix) Slyde - Russian Girls Are...
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    FS:::: Twin Mattress w/ Metal Frame ::::

    This thing is very useful if you have guests over... or a party crash room...
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    Akai apc40 + ni audio2dj

    APC 40 still there?
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    FS:::: Twin Mattress w/ Metal Frame ::::

    Hey... I just bought my new mattress yesturday, no need for this Twin Mattress, its about 12 months old, I only slept in in about 2/3rds the time... It's in mint condition... - Perfect for a guest room. - Great to have if you break up with someone and get banished to the small room and...
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    Location Change for WOMP this Saturday

    Hey breakers... just want to let you know about the change of venue for the jam this saturday the 13th... it's now @ Calisto 647 College St. @ Grace (South Wes Side) Just so you know... hope to see you out... :) <3 Wes
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    buy them at ticketmaster... they are still onsale.