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    WOMP was the best shit ever!

    That was SUCH a good party, I'm sooo glad I went! Their was a short lineup when I first showed up but I'm glad I waited through it, it was so worth it!
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    Promsie reviews?

    This was a fun party with a good crowd. The place was nice and although it was sold out you still had enough room to dance and to get around. Their was certainly a problem with skipping records & they could have used a couple more washrooms but all in all it seemed like most everyone was...
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    OLDSKOOL boxing day BATTLE! of BREAKS!

    that was a FUN party!
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    Snow's gonna be coming: where to toboggan

    Sounds like an Awsome plan!
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    I say we all quit our jobs (and yes this is a useless thread).

    Quitting a shitty job is great, I highly recommend it. I quit my shitty job back in the spring & now I'm a changed man, definatly one of the best feelings ever! Too bad it's time for me to go back to the grind.....
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    Cheap Beer Alert

    I've tried this Lakeport Honey Lager, It's good!
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    Four Elements Party

    I'll probabily stop by after womp.
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    >> Do you ever plan on BUYING YOUR OWN PLACE???

    I think about it constantly.
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    insurance for pricey items when abroad

    If it's for your personal use only and not in any way for business use and you have a property insurance police, ie house/apartment insurance, it should automatically be covered by your policy under the section "items temporarily removed from your household". Coverage in this section is...
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    Football Nov. 24

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by The Antisketch Next week I plan to play for the evil team with the guys who can kick ass and not for those losers who sucked...
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    Football Nov. 24

    Great game everyone! As soon as I got on the field I was jealous of those who had cleats. As soon as I got home and the pain started setting in I was jealous of those who had the insight to do some stretching first. Next week I plan to be cleated, stretched & ready.
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    travelling abroad has anyone else....;

    I loved reading your editorial on taking taking a taxi bubus. That was great! Now I want to go, even if ony for the cab rides! "leaving me to attend the cab while he runs to buy a mouthful of diesel." Bwahahahahahahahahaha - Great I tell you!
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    does ANYONE here do ANY work?

    I certainly try my best not to....
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    triben-footballen v2.0

    I want to play, I'm still kicking myself for not making it out this weekend past!
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    voiceover work

    This is something I've been interested in getting into for a long time too.