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    Mischief & Frankie - 416 in the 514

    i know someone's got this gem still sittin' on their hard drive. or if you have a link to this set that still works, please post it. this set is timeless and i cannot for the life of me find it in my archives. i would be most grateful. thanks! - that circle intelligence guy
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    gah! It is snow hailing!

    winter is here 'round these parts *yeehaw*
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    Post your Blog..

    LifeIsRad.com - a virtual lounge of pozitivity, inspiration and gRADitude
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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    sunday at freezer burn (our burning man regional event) was drag race sunday. i make a very ugly drag queen...but i think the helium balloons were a fabulous touch! )'(
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    Most Awkward DJ Event Ever?!?

    keep calm and brony on! *brohoof*
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    i had my prejudgements (accompanied by ridicule) when i first heard of this deviant brony subculture, and i of all people have absolutely no ground to stand on when judging/punishing other alternative lifestyles. so i watched this brony doc and the first three episodes of my little pony...
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    the Alberta floods

    YYCHelps We're a group of volunteers. Our goal is simple, connect Calgarians who want to help with Calgarians in need assistance! The floods will subside... and when they do we'll be ready to continue the generous outpouring of community spirit Calgary is known for to help our city get backs on...
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    the Alberta floods

    its nuts here :(
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    ~*...chasing the storm 2012/2013...*~

    my homie justin cahill and krew killin' it in revelstoke
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    ~*...chasing the storm 2012/2013...*~

    10 Longest Vertical Drops in North America which ones have you ridden? i've ripped the canadian resorts on that list. maybe i'll have to visit the states next year and scratch a couple more off that list. gotta love huge vertical drops! red bull ultrantural - full episode Mark McMorris for...
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    ~*...chasing the storm 2012/2013...*~

    capita or mervin boards (lib, gnu) are most popular with the park kids that come into our shop. for boots, 32 lashed are the go to for peak and park. as for bindings, union hands down. a pair of forces should do you well. best bindings i've ever ridden. bombproof! catboarding at...
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    Post a picture of your computer

    office setup
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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    i was in tokyo at the beginning of this month. it was great seeing her again.
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    ~*...chasing the storm 2012/2013...*~

    hot damn, phil! nice one. jackson hole is up there on my bucket list. can't wait to ride there. travis rice lives there for a reason! japan is amazing. the snow is bonkers! but much like everywhere else, it gets chewed up real fast if you're not there for first chair. at the top of...
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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    kumiko and i in tokyo ~*...nippon wa sugoi...*~