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    Strip Search Petition

    Hey I can't find the petition....maybe I'm not looking hard enough but the link takes you to a search for active petitions. Peace TFFY
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    New After Hours Club Opened In Halifax

    The paradox is da bomb yo!!! The Vibe has been amazing the musics been good and it's been two for two wicked parties so far, hope it keeps going strong.
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    Kenny Ken

    At least you get to be there....grrr. oh well I'll have to wait for Area 26 on Dec 29th. Funk out TFFY
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    Tribe VS. RaveHalifax

    Hmm, interesting thing to ponder but already it seems that Cherrybomber's are a little nervous to post in their own forum! They'll be lost out there in TRIBE land, it's a big place that doesn;t take well to New-Bs First they razz, then they'll jazz with ya but already the Cherrybomber's are...
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    Where's da Love?

    I feel kinda funny posting in here because I'm not quite sure if anyone (but PatW & Jay Hamilton) EVER comes to this site. But if you do leave your mark.... all funked out.. n' nobody's posting Hali threadz!