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    Organic Products

    cool.. thanks. i sort of like that it tastes gross. means i won't drink it by the barrel-full. ...is that strange? lol
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    The whining/bitching/moaning thread v.2

    my insurance just went up from 170 to 495 a month due to a fender bender :(
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    Organic Products

    i've been drinking vega shakes in the morning to increase the amount of protein that I'm getting since cutting out meat and dairy (and wheat) but the expense is starting to make it cost-prohibitive. are there other veganish type shakes that are as good as the vega shakes?
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    The HAIR Thread!

    i want to go back to blonde again... i need a full head of highlights that look good for around a hundred dollars (not the 200 plus tax and tip i paid for my half head of them last time!) in the city or in the western suburbs (i.e. sauga/brampton whatever) would be ideal. anyone?
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    Who's Working Out Today?

    just started at goodlife this week.. so far have tried: body pump- loved zumba- loved (although found it embarrassing) body step - loved body jam - disliked. won't do it again. body attack- was ok.. didn't like the jumping around (hard on knees) but i've been told to try it a coupe more times...
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    Impressed/Not Impressed

    i agree, the joe fresh eyeshadow is crap. No pigment or blendability. their lipgloss is wicked though:
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    The Best Recipe You've Tried Thread!!!

    haha so was I! I got told at a restaurant after saying i really enjoyed my "kwih-no-ah" salad.. lol
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    Why you should get vaccinated (against infectious diseases)

    i'm definitely getting it. working with kids pretty much guarantees that i will come in contact with any disease out there.
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    bangs. Should i get bangs?

    not last time i went i'll go with you next time.
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    The First Move...

    hmm, handsome, nice, tall.. if his office honey doesn't work out give him my number lol
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    The anti-whining/bitching/moaning thread

    that's awesome :) i have an amazing split grade 4/5 class this year.. all of the kids are fairly well behaved and quirky and smart.. it's wicked plus i got the refurbished computer lab (as in no more computers at all lol) so it's double wide and i have room for a carpet area, all of my...
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    The lamest pick up lines you've heard

    lol with my corny sense of humour that would totally work with me
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    bangs. Should i get bangs?

    i'm supposed to go in for a "dusting" which is like his version of a trim i guess? can i tell a blowdry salon i don't want the blowdry? lol it's like an extra 30 bucks! i'd rather just pay him to cut it, it always looks dumb after stylists style my hair.
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    Impressed/Not Impressed

    haha you used to use that hi shine stuff at 1017.. remember? i used to use it after hair-tragedy '05 do you like the beaver (lol) lotion better than the shea? i can't get off the last stiletto mascara yet.. still a big fat fan
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    Impressed/Not Impressed

    has no one been impressed lately? i miss the updates of cool stuff that i can buy.. lol