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    Nobody Cares...

    I think this early is too early for coffee, hot chocolate it is.
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    Survivor One World

    Hmmm I might get around to watching this one.
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    Nobody Cares...

    Oh the joys of being in airports at 4 am. Sigh :(
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    Nobody Cares...

    Watching Desperate Housewives. How do I _still_ like this show?
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    SHERLOCK the TV show

    I'll have to watch this.
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    2011: What happened?!

    I hope the mayans are wrong.
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    It Sucks Getting old

    I'm clinging to my 20's by a thread.
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    Nobody Cares...

    Romantic B+B booked in the mountains for V day. For the last three years my mom has been visiting Australia so my partner and I have spent it with her! Not this year!
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    Nobody Cares...

    Tried via business class for the first time today and must say I'm pretty impressed!
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    Nobody Cares...

    and strangely enough, Aussie accents.
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    Nobody Cares...

    Ottawa is much colder then Toronto. I miss Australian weather :(
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    Nobody Cares...

    I really need to start my christmas shopping
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    Shows worth watching?

    adding House of Lies from Showtime to this list (just premiered)
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    Being Erica

    I thought it was a fitting end to the show. Loved this series!