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    Can Anyone Read Cantonese?

    Ph kit 2 - YouTube Updated video. Thanks for the knowledge. What is the name of the alphabet that is used?
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    Can Anyone Read Cantonese?

    Ph strips - YouTube
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    Can Anyone Read Cantonese?

    Has this item expired or is that the manufacturing date on the back? Ph strips - YouTube
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    Techno Viking trial

    TeknoViking speaks!!! Who can understand German here? What does he say at 2:20 of the video?
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    Track Id

    Great track at the 48 min mark. BE-AT.TV - Online Clubbing Community
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    First Online Set

    Hi everyone, Here is a link to a short set that I put together. Please provide constructive criticism about the mixing, song selection etc... 2012-11-15 14h57m13 by Takipanos on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Thanks, Peter
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    And Another One

    That's the one. I prefer this video though. Timewriter - Is This Life - YouTube
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    And Another One

    Track id from a song a few years back. Has a vocal in it with a guys deep voice that says " is this life" over and over during the middle of the song. I know you want to answer this.
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    Fred Everything @ boa

    Soundcloud works for me.
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    Easy id

    H everyone. there was this house song from the early 2000's that had a female vocal that repeated "i wish you knew, i wish you knew how much i wish that you were here with me" 10 points for the first person to get it right. Thanks.
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    Track Id.. Again

    Ok so I've started to track down the first one which is some type of version of Mark Knights -Drug Music.The second one no luck. Anyone...anyone... Buehler?
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    Track Id.. Again

    So luckily there's some pretty tuned up people on this forum and hopefully they can id these 2 killer songs i'm after. Here's a link to the party and the songs at 16 and 26 are must haves. Anyone??????? b@ TV - Online Clubbing Community
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    Track id

    found it. YouTube - UNER meets Deep & Suga - La Revolucion
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    Pet Shop Boys Id

    Thanks guy but no luck. I went through all those songs on youtube. I think I'm going to let this one go. There's an angry little gay boy somewhere inside me.
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    Pet Shop Boys Id

    Hi guys and girls, I remember this song from the psb that came out around the mid 2000's. It had a hard beat with a rythm that was akin to green velvet's flash. I checked youtube and discogs but no luck. Thanks, Peter