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    R.I.P Cinar Onat (aka Dj Fuzion)

    can we sticky this thread please?
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    R.I.P Cinar Onat (aka Dj Fuzion)

    i'm absolutley shocked, and very sad that Cinar is no longer here. Cinar was one of the only really genuine people i met in the music industry, and i was not only proud to work with him daily, but to be able to call him a friend. he was one of the best people i've ever met, and he had passion...
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    Room Mate needed april 1st

    I have a great link on a two bedroom, two bath, indoor pool, sauna, squash courts, weight room, 30th floor, balcony over looking cityscape. $535/month each. Give me a call and we can talk details. Mike 647.688.3679
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    trailer park boys

    anyone seen the xmas special? its a prelude to the entire show. and an hour long to boot!
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    speakers and amps

    A friend of mine is taking off to India and needs to pay his rent. Hes selling some really nice gear really cheap. If anyone can help the cause send him an e-mail at robertburr@hotmail.com. Heres the list. QSC CX 404 amp, retails $1600, selling for $500 QSC CX 204Vamp, retails $1600...
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    Farewell My Friend. R.I.P. FunkNstyle.

    :( RIP Johnny.
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    gear for sale

    posting this for a friend STANTON S-650 MK2 $600 QSC CX 204 $700 QSC CX 404 $700 AMERICAN DJ DMX OPERATOR $ 200 AMERICAN DJ COLOR 150 DMX $ 150 PIONEER DJM 500 $ 600 SOUND DYNAMICS RTS 800 (two of them $300 each) JBL CONTROL 5 MONITOR SPK (two of them $300...
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    weekend thread - New Years edition!

    ^^ ohhhhhh no you didn't !!
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    Need Booze, Please Help..

    m sent!
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    rodney mullen- king of freestyle (skateboarding)

    says you. the praying mantis style is far from busted.
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    techno and turntablism?

    the locked grooves richie put out are fun to juggle too, and really easy to put tape on as well. its kinda cheating tho since you don't really have to backspin the loop you're working with. still super fun tho. thanks for the track suggestions. i'll check them out for sure!
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    techno and turntablism?

    yay or nay? i've been messing around beat juggling with some techno, and its pretty fun. anyrecommendations for tracks that'd sound dope juggled up a bit? anyone tried it?
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    rodney mullen- king of freestyle (skateboarding)

    people are only now even beginning to attempt tricks that he was doing years ago, and they can't even come close to how rodney has them. shit, he does tricks that don't even have names. skating must be so fun for him.
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    Open decks nights?

    fifth element does open decks at clinton's tavern every other wednesday but its mostly hip hop. i spun at at fith eleent jam so i think you could get away with playing breaks there. i don't know about other genres, but its worth a shot. other than that, i dunno.
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    Dial A Hottie

    Re: Dial A Bottle just pm'd you idrinks number