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    Adam Beyer at Sudbury

    really solid party... i'd have to say Beyer was definitely good, not great... mixing was flawless,, programming could have been better imho.. best part of his set was definitely the last half hour.... 99 looked the best ive ever seen it, sound was FULL, lighting was just right, bathrooms...
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    Adam m'fck'n Beyer!!

    and if you're having trouble feeling it this may help... from awakenings at the beginning of the month.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tw07DHMyGTE
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    Misstress Barbara - K 10

    yeah man i agree that it actually is a pretty solid release.. the flip gets kinda proggy but that K-10 is definitely a stormer..
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    Fabric 31: Marco Carola

    yup.. and he dropped some very sick deep funky minimal goodness.. definitely going to check this mix out..
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    Adam m'fck'n Beyer!!

    that interview was a nice read... glad to see Beyer's still an advocate of the vinyl, VINYL 4 LIFE! It should be interesting next week to see what he's playing especially after listening to that awakenings set.. definitely a lot different that what i saw in detroit last may. really looking...
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    halloween techno

    Hunsberger did a remix for adam marshall's black snow ep... caulfield and shannon did remixes as well i believe. came out in the last couple of months
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    Nuit Blanche

    showed up to the drake 'round quarter to 3... after getting through the fiasco at the front entrance i made my way downstairs to mr jap_ throwin' it down... really good upbeat minimal sounds... I guess at around 330 jeff samuel came on... now i had just left footwork and james holden and was...
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    James Holden 4 hr set!

    just listen to that holden set that was posted, pretty sweet.. his demf set was pretty good as well, the 30th is going to make for a messy evening
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    How-To Guide: Growing Techno in Toronto

    I've been reading through this thread and find that a lot of people have a lot of different opinions about how to 'revive' or 'grow' or 'expand' techno in this city. The one thing i find that most people have in common is passion. and i think that is the key to techno's survival. throw a...
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    My house is built of records AKA I still buy em do you?

    just got in the mail yesterday: Joris Voorn - The First Sound Ep - Sound Architecture Mark Broom V Percy X - Addicted EP - King Of The Snakes Sam Ostyn & Trish Vaneynde - Juice - MB Elektronics Sasoto feat Robert Owens - Wonderful World - White Label Deetron - Isotope Ep - Music Man...
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    OCTAVE ONE @ the drake underground

    WOW! That was one of the most intense live performances i have ever seen. Talk about energy, all you had to do was look on stage and see those guys going off and you can't help but lose your shit. Played all the old goodies and the new stuff is definitely bumpin', can't wait for the new album...
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    Jeff Samuel

    just picked up his awt ep on spectral sounds/ solid record... really funky minimal goodness, looking forward to seeing him here in the T Dot
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    Stewart Douglas - Resurgence 2003

    goddamn doug, how you gonna give me operation drumcode when you got this kickin around.... I spent two days looking for that johannes heil album, finally found it in stock// dirty bizness... awesome set!!
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    Looking for Rooftop Patio artists suggestions.

    Let's see fric and frac aka Stewart Douglas vs. Dwayne McDowell, That would be a killer rooftop patio set
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    John Tejada @ Footwork

    First time being to FW since January and i gotta say i was really impressed with the space.. It looks amazing.. Tejada was definitely worth the price of admission and there some tracks he played that just made go, WOW!?! Fatigue got the better of me and left at around 4 but it was definitely a...