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    What the hell are you listening to?

    You rang? We need to make another mix soon!
  2. Surfer Joe

    Praktik Swayze vs DJ Sextone - Groove Concordance

    Hah! Thanks for remembering that. What an awesome night, and yes, glad I could zip home to grab those stabilizers. The perils of vinyl deejaying on bouncy wooden floors on second stories. I've learned it the hard way over the years and often come over-prepared if I'm out playing myself.
  3. Surfer Joe

    BPM 2015 Music Festival reviews

    I went to my first big party at a cenote in the jungle not far from Playa Del Carmen in 1996. What a location. It's amazing to hear how big of a role PDC and the BPM festival now plays in the global electronic music scene. Nice work on the review. Makes me want to go even more, though I...
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    What do you have against the Homeless and Travelers Aid Society of Albany, New York? Homeless and Travelers Aid Society, Albany NY
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    Would have liked to have been there for sure, as that other gig was definitely magical. I actually still have his broken copy of Moodymann's Norma Jean Bell that he said I could keep after the show. Part of the tune is still playable, and it's a great memento of the night. And thanks for the...
  6. Surfer Joe

    Zamberlan 308 Trekker Hiking Boots-Men's size US 8/Euro 42

    These Italian-made hiking boots are like new. I received them as a gift, but they're just a bit too small. They've only been worn once in the city, never on the trail. Winner of Backpacker magazine's editor's choice award in 2010, the Trekker has great ankle support, solid treads and look great...
  7. Surfer Joe

    Kitchen hutch-$80

  8. Surfer Joe

    Kitchen hutch-$80

    Are you tried of having to open a cardboard box or search under the couch every time you need a glass or plate? Or perhaps you need somewhere safe to store your collection of Full House VHS tapes. Friends, you need a hutch. In particular, you need this hutch, which, aside from a few minor...
  9. Surfer Joe

    Blue Mikey Digital - $80

    First, the product, which is still brand new, in the box. It's been plugged in, but never actually used. What is it? The all-new Mikey Digital is the perfect tool for mobile recording. Featuring two custom-tuned Blue capsules for stereo recording, a line-input, USB pass through and a stylish...
  10. Surfer Joe

    Behringer Pro Mixer DX 500

    PM Sent
  11. Surfer Joe

    Hawtin, etc @ The Hoxton

    I was a bit gutted I missed this, until I saw a photo of the crowd. Wow! I would not have had a good time, even though I like and respect all those artists. When it's that rammed, I get claustrophobic. And sad. Then I get mad, and maybe back to sad.
  12. Surfer Joe

    FS: Bounce Canada Day Ticket

    Heya, is this ticket still available perchance?
  13. Surfer Joe

    Break and Enter - Prosumer

    Anyone seen my cape? Haha. I know the excruciating frustration of trying to mix records on an impossibly bouncy dancefloor so I was more than happy to help. Prosumer definitely threw down some amazing trax on wax, which I was happy to hear. It'd been a while since I had a chance to make it out...
  14. Surfer Joe

    Praktik Swayze - Périphérique (House-ish)

    Just got a chance to listen to this in its entirety. Great stuff hombre. Some deep, trippy, soultech going on which I look forward to hearing on a big system sometime. There were a few times when the horses threatened to weave off the path a bit but you reigned them in nicely. Sounds like there...
  15. Surfer Joe

    demf 10

    T minus 8 days! I'm going on the muthafunkin boat, too. Whoo Hoo!