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    Wow...i love coming on message boards and reading posts by ME which I have never seen before. STOP using my account SOJU.
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    LF: roommate, $375/mo incl., york keele campus

    ooooh you live at Jane and Finch! Classy!
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    What did you get your dad for Christmas?

    Ok i'll just call up my deadbeat dad I've never met and is unfindable and "accept him for who he is".
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    I hope none of you were on the beach in Thailand today

    It's funny how my rich uncle is happily sunning away on the beaches of Bali...yet like in the same country 7000 people are dead.
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    Team Insomniac

    Yes and a disgusted onlooker. aka Sean Scanlan.
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    Team Insomniac

    "Hey Shy Smiley...oh wait you can't hear me, you're deaf" "psst....he reads lips idiot"
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    Oh thank you Deep that is much better than what I was typing. "Cipro lifespan" "ask jeeves", "how long is cipro good for"
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    I have had them since I was 14. Maybe I don't "wipe the right way" How humiliating, every doctor I have ever been to since I was like 6 is like "Now make sure to wipe front to back not back to front" Like I am gonna wipe shit all over my crotch.
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    Team Insomniac

    I am to throw party at summertime docks
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    I know this is "Wrong" and you aren't supposed to do this, but simple question. How long is Cipro good for? Basically I get chronic bladder infections and I am always prescribed Cipro for it. This time I am way too poor to afford another prescription, however, a relative over Christmas gave...
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    What did you get your dad for Christmas?

    ahha same here too! except it's been 23 years! Happy Holidays :P
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    No Streetcars Makes Me Want To....

    THE STREET CAR STOPPING AND STARTING. I was two hours late. I stood at St. Andrews station for like 45 minutes till the streetcar finally came...with like 5 streetcars stuck behind it. The thing attached to the wires was not just sparking...it was actually an ignited flame. Same thing...
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    Another E-Bay question

    I wasn't aware you could "drop out" once you have already made the high bid. Post a link to the auction!
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    Christmas Present Question

    Sara, its funny cuz you want the opposite reaction of what I want. I spent about 300 bucks on Chase, and after 7 months of on-again/off-again business, I want my xmas present to say "hi, we're serious. I love you"