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    The - Movies everyone should watch in their lifetime - Thread

    I think we should do directors, instead of movies, you avoid one trick ponies Here are three I love: 1. Pedro Almodovar - check out everything, but definitely ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER 2. Wan Kar Wai - once again, everything, but IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE, HAPPY TOGETHER and CHUNKING EXPRESS 3. Kim Ki-Duk...
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    Live on the fly in July "Dylan T" July4th2006

    make another one ;)
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    Live on the fly in July "Dylan T" July4th2006

    The mix between the Anthony Rother track, Don't Worry and Mr. Oizois a bit of a mess, frankly, I am not too sure they go together...I would actually finish on Anthony Rother, Don't Worry, it is the perfect ending track. Other than that though, great tracks, interesting and mostly tight mixes...
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    Thanx for the link, I sent it over, so hopefully I will be left out of the Eastern Euro mailings. Of course it is a NY joke, where my future bonsai rental, hardly bigger than the glass containers with the photoshopped house pets, will be costing $1400. You pay bonus for the rats.
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    http://www.bonsaikitten.com/ Who thinks this for real? Don't know if anyone posted a thread on the mini animals grooming before, but I am sick of getting forwards to sign my intials behind the public outcry against torturing kittens....Try convincing my crazy family that this is a joke!
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    Sick tats

    Why do they always look like a hobbit took acid and got lost in the kama sutra?…and the ones of children's faces are super creepy. Is there an ink artist, who comes from the school of minimalism…or is that an oxymoron?
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    Bandwidth stealing Czekoslovakians

    The moderators are from Estonia, Moscow and Manitoba I guess that explains the tribe connection. I can translate, but judging by the site, it would bore me to death
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    Techno room day jobs

    ^^^^^ I did bella, talked to his answering machine...his answering machine is funny
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    Techno room day jobs

    Just screened my first short on Tuesday and directing my first music video this weekend, so according to Robert Rodriguez, I am a filmmaker:p
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    Rakim and Erick B, right after Timberland and Magoo...yet I still scream Eeeast Saaaide!
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    I cannot believe this is the most inclusive, insightful, funny and political post on this board for months. Respect! Still laughing:D
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    make me laugh!

    Re: Re: What's the opposite of Christopher Walken curtesy of the http://www.electroalliance.net site
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    make me laugh!

    What's the opposite of Christopher Walken Christopher Reeves yeah, I slap myself repeatedly on wrist for that one
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    Yeah, me too, it's schocking how much I enjoyed it:)
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    Bond question (007)

    You are so right I believe I meant Licence to Kill; I can't believe I don't remember posting my last post, yep, last night was was a good night:)