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Recent content by Stephen Tremor

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    Purple Room

    good night, impressed for his first time up there... keep at it!
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    Happy Birthday SUBSONIC CHRONIC!

    Happy Happy Birfday mang!
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    Got another tattoo yesterday!

    i've got 2... took me 10 yrs to get the 2nd... had the first reworked at that time... love em
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    The Venting Thread

    I put a screw into some plumbing closed in a wall at a restaurant today installing a counter... yay me!
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    Would it bother you if....

    I would really like to see vinyl being played but I have no problem with cdr and other devices being incorporated... Not really down with a performance with just cdr's though.
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    All up coming breaks Dj's in Ontario !! Name them

    Reprazentin' Kitchener wee little me here Stephen Tremor... More of a 4/4 guy but oh I love to spin those breaks! www.sophisticatedcaveman.com (not up yet) http://www.finegrindep.com/fine/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=7 Frequency nightclub
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    Bird's Instant Custard

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    zabiela e-mix

    I personally enjoyed it... esp. the intro looking forward to Christopher Lawrence
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    So who still gets carded?

    28 and I can't do nuthin without being carded... kinda flattering but utterly annoying.
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    Fun police

    oh dear lord I admit... I was part of some of these revellings. Quite a bunch of Hamilton party peeps that I knew and still hang with... liquid adrenaline @ the docks with Derrick Carter... we had DC himself sporting a badge and only god knows the rest of the adventures!
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    Hullabaloo! Accelerator - Feb 7/04

    Though I was not at this particular Hulla event I must agree with the general consensus saying that Hulla's vibe is contagious... My brother introduced me to my first party 13 yrs ago now. Here I am still involved with this scene I call home and I always get goosebumps when I can chat with...
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    Bloody Valentine =---= D.D.R. $ Sarah Fab

    Talk about a good time! K-town peeps all over the place! Sweet choons by D.D.R. and all the rest! Great to hang with Christian (kool) and the gang again. Apart from earlier sound issues and decent night all around!
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    new Britney Spears single

    Bitch all ya want about what she ain't doing... I saw the video yesterday and liked what she was doing! tune was bearable... she is smoking!
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    What are your most hated beers?

    molson canadian without a doubt!
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    Feb 21 - Satoshi Tomiie @ Boa Redux

    i'm so there!