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    Whats with Ginos and Bottle Service?

    someone should do a study on pretentious dickheads (tribe) Vs. ginos.
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    Miguel Migs @ TIL

    awsome night! great vibe! sweet music lots of girlys
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    Why is Migs at This is London?????

    who cares......year 2 of seeing the man responsible for bringing good music to toronto. and you won't hear sweet san francisco house-huh? you should open your ears a little more.
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    terry mullan

    ...this is a really good fuckin' mix!
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    I have 2 Technics, 1 Vestax Mixer, And 2 Trackmaster Needles For Sale.

    you jokes are getting as old as you are... fuk off to london already!
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    I have 2 Technics, 1 Vestax Mixer, And 2 Trackmaster Needles For Sale.

    Iam getting rid of my setup, so if anyone is interested in buying. Let me know. 1000$ Firm, which includes.... 2 SL 1200 MKII A PCV 175 Vestax Mixer 2 Trackmaster needles (Roger Sanchez edition) with the case I don't know how to post pics up in here, but i'll be glad to e-mail you...
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    terry mullan

    good stuff! cheers
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    Me at Hullabaloo

    get yer rave on!!
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    BAD BOY BILL - MARS - April 14 1996

    fuck...gotta love those old school parties where the dj was right on the dancefloor.
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    FS: PSP w/ games + movies + 1Gig stick

    is this still for sale?
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    Peter Hook (from New Order) @ Ultra

    well said...
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    Peter Hook (from New Order) @ Ultra

    yeah...just watching that video, pretty much sums it up. he's just trying to make some money of his name i guess. too bad for the real dj's out there! sad.