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    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    I saw Alex's post on facebook and I had to make my way over here. While I didn't know Kevin personally, it still makes me sad that he passed away so young. Stay strong Sarah and family!!!
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    Unions. Yes? No?

    I am an electrician (apprentice) and I wish I was part of the union so I could actually make a fair wage. I'm getting tired of being poor.
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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    Just another day in the life...
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    How time stands still in women's magazines

    I don't buy women's magazines because I find they have little to no relevance to my life. I don't wear make-up, I can't afford expensive fashion, and I really don't care about embarrassing guy related moments in someone else's life. Cosmo still sells though so it must appeal to a wide female...
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    What's your relationship status ?

    I went to a wedding yesterday on my own. It is the most awkward experience. I only knew maybe 3 people at the wedding. I would've brought a friend as a date but it didn't say anything on the invite about +1 or guest so I didn't want to assume.
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    2012: the year electronic music broke

    The state of "EDM" right now pretty much blows me away. I thought for years that the electronic music scene was for sure dying. Too bad I'm too lazy and tired to actually go to these festivals now. Anyway I was just pondering today actually whether the people that get into "the scene" now and...
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    Question for parents and people with the gay...

    My nephew used to like to get dressed up in dresses and had a favourite purse that he would wear around. My sister in law and brother encouraged it as it was pretty damn cute. His interests changed once he started school. I suppose he was exposed to being around more boys his age and that...
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    The Weather Thread!

    I was on a canoe trip on the French River this past week. My group was informed on Wednesday by some fishermen that there was a severe weather warning and that a tornado was possible. We were freaking right out but managed to get by with just some rain, thunder and lightning. We were thankful...
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    The Corporate Whores

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    The Youtube thread

    Impressive video! I've tried slacklining many times and I'm terrible at it.
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    The lamest pick up lines you've heard

    random: "Why is your friend being sexy and you aren't?" me: "WHAT??" random (seeing me getting annoyed): "I mean, you are way sexier than your friend" me: "Thats not what you said" random: "Yes it is. I'm saying you are sexy" He then spills my beer all over the table, picks up the bottle and...
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    SNEAK @ Bounce by the lake

    I had an awesome time. I think I showed up around 5 and stayed until 11:30ish. It was great to dance to some house outside in some nice weather. I ran into some old faces and made some new friends so I give the party a thumbs up.
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    What is Your Job

    Kris cross apple sauce? I like it and just might use it!
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    What is Your Job

    I am an electrical apprentice. I enjoy it because I get to move around all day and swear a lot.
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    Be My Valentine thread.

    I am doing my laundry this evening. Cool or not cool?