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    Facebook from the other side

    I love this thread. About 6 months ago I started to notice that the 6 people who made up my friends list was being populated by too many repeats to be randomly generated. The same people were being brought up repeatedly and some friends I would never see (check out your full friends list -...
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    District 9

    Pretty neat film; looking forward to the sequel. Overall though, can't put it ahead of Cloverfield which I felt had a better flow. Both films though stand-out as the front-runners in their ability to slice CGI with reality so seamlessly. The film is beautiful to watch. In a weird way...
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    Pennsylvania gym killer blogged his own massacre

    Thanks for posting the link to his blog. What a lonely, sad man. Funny how he never contemplates the reprecussions of his exit plan for all of the people and the families of the people he would undoubtedly kill. He didn't seem vengeful or diabolical though in any of his entries. All...
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    anxiety attacks.

    This is a good thread - I'm always surprised how many people deal with anxiety. I was diagnosed with GAD - generalized anxiety disorder - after I was having sporadic panic attacks that would come out of nowhere. I remember having one attack while I was driving home that was so bad, I came...
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    the funniest picture I've seen in a LONG time.

    for someone who has lurked on here for 9 years...this is still the best in hilariousness.
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    FS: Beerfest - 2 tix for Saturday

    Sorry - $30/ticket
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    FS: Beerfest - 2 tix for Saturday

    I was looking forward to this event all year, but now I have to work. If you haven't been before, beerfest on Saturday is like the high school party that got really out of hand, but on a much larger scale and sponsored by every beer company in the world. In two words: sheer bliss...
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    Halloween 2007

    If a white guy is dressing up like a black baseball player, does he have to wear brown face paint?
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    Your ONE favourite restaurant in Toronto

    Allen's Broadview and Danforth Best hamburgers, sweet potato fries, patio combo
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    FS: 2 Daft Punk Tix

    sold thanks!
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    FS: 2 Daft Punk Tix

    Face value is $70, I'll take $120 for the pair, but I need them picked up tonight (Pape/Danforth), because I'm gone tomorrow. PM me please.
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    What makes a good wedding emcee?

    I have to emcee a wedding in a few weeks and more than anything I want to be a positive contributer to this event. Furthermore, I have family watching and my girlfriend is really counting on me (her sister is getting married), but I have absolutely no material right now. What do good...
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    Does Toronto have a garbage dump?

    1-800-GOT-JUNK Its all about full-service junk removal man.
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    Toronto Blue Jays 2006

    All these signings. We better not suck.
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    Trance sets from 2005

    Just got an IPOD for Christmas, looking for some good trance sets that have some of the top tracks from this year. Last set I downloaded was Corsten @ Innercity 99, so Im really behind in the genre. Thanks for sharing!