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    Nobody cares.

    vox is my new best friend. she is boy crazy like me:)
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    Nobody cares.

    haha, ur funny:) done and done
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    System 27th Jungle

    as if it could have anything but sucked without myself and fuzzeroo there. I mean we ARE the scene. lmao:)
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    Nobody cares.

    vox, I <3 you. and I will be hitting you up for some cupid actions come the splinter jam. be forewarned:D
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    Nobody cares.

    haha. this weekend should be good. especially if it is filled with roomate is away crazy sex. haha:D a girl can dream;)
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    yes. I'd like to join:)
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    Nobody cares.

    I'm on vacation....and yet....I am not.
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    Jungle Heat presents Fabio!!!

    Kung-Po it's going to be a JAM!!!! Richa dn I are going to go crazy junglist apeshit on the Skybar!!! You must join:) M
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    Jungle Heat presents Fabio!!!

    there will be no rain. there will be a jam-a-jam-jam and ONLY a jam-a-jam-jam. M
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    Pendulum, Hive, Keaton

    I've only been once, for Bailey and Flight, it was [homegirl Melissa] OFF THE HOOK YO! [/homegirl Melissa] not sure if I'll be able to make this with Splinter the night before, but will try my best:) M
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    Pendulum, Hive, Keaton

    James and I were just talking about Hive the other day:)
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    happy birthday livingroompornstar!

    Happy B-day!! :)
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    The Tribe board is like...(insert wit here)

    Tribers are like cell phone companies...if you haven't been screwed by one, eventually you will.
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    Do you pee in other peoples showers?

    I also peed your bed:p
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    You know you've got a keeper when....

    at first this thread was nice, now I want to vomit