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    Van cell providers

    funny how we're the only two people in here ever. we could change the topic to whatever we want. like... this is what you're going to look like in a week.
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    Looking to buy Jungle records?

    lol BADASSSS!!! definitely the cheesiest aphrodite tune ever. there was so many though....
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    Employers Talking Down to You

    did you forget to put the covers on your TPS reports? i'll see that you get another copy of that memo, mmmmkay? greeeeat.
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    Return of Ill-A-Mental brings......

    i wonder if he'll still have the broken finger and the lumps on his head? don't forget your brass knucks, kid!
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    Shy FX with MC Navigator at renegades?

    lol, i was at that party. there was so many random drugged out morons on the stage at that point.
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    Computer help: 100% CPU usage?

    buy a mac problem solved
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    Van cell providers

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    You put the lime in the Coke, you nut.

    you can actually taste the difference between "fake lime" and real lime? what does "fake lime" taste like? i think all you're drinking is haterade. ;)
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    Van cell providers

    why, when i can just keep using yours? haha
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    You put the lime in the Coke, you nut.

    take it easy, haters. lime coke actually tastes quite nice, on its own or with some crown royal.
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    Gods gift to women

    does yours have chainmail on it?
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    Gods gift to women

    if that thing is competition, you need more practice.
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    Jada & Joe Crack release 50 cent dis track

    ice cube - no vaseline was definitely one of my favourites, eminem - nail in the coffin is another..
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    Jada & Joe Crack release 50 cent dis track

    jada took the beat from 'animal' and did a diss record of it....just go search for JADAKISS ANIMAL on limewire and you'll find it. the hook that comes right after the verse at the top of this thread goes like this: crab ass nigga, you's an animal you's a motherfuckin animal snake ass nigga...