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    Renaissance - The Masters Series Part 12 mixed by James Zabiela

    Liking the first disc Skeptically, I checked this out, and it has been a long time since I liked JZ non-live, and I was impressed that he steps back from his trickery (mad skillz) and presents a more mature (some will say downtempo) style. I am especially loving the first disc. JC, you will...
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    Jesse Rose - Essential Mix

    Swing IT! Personally, I loved the updated version of Hale Bopp by Der Dritte Raum. original: http://www.last.fm/music/Der+Dritte+Raum/_/Hale+bopp Swing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvmOPUTv8Yk ss
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    FS: 2 tickets to The Beat Boat with Steve Mack, Lee Osborne and Tim Patrick

    I have two tickets available to the Beat Boat - boat party on Saturday, July 26th, from 12-5 p.m. with Steve Mack, Lee Osborne and Tim Patrick aboard the Kajama. see here: http://beatboat.ca/ $25.00 each ss pm me if interested
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    montreal this weekend...

    Robb G is at piknic! http://www.piknicelectronik.com/2007/ ss
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    Lawler in VanCity

    Lest we forget the third: Tyler Lewis. Good stuff on Little Mountain etc... Simon
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    Sasha & Digweed WMC 2007

    Not sure where to find a t-list - yet it is funny how on the last track the music drops and you can hear someone yell in the crowd, "THIS IS MY NEW SINGLE". That last track is killer though Eric! Also worth noting is the set starts off with a short interview with Luke Fair. ss
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    A new mix to check out!

    Just got a hold of this on recommendation. It is smooth. Restructured Layers - mixed by Martinez 01 –Phil Stumpf – Borderline 02 – Willie Graff & Kyle Errison – Synergetic 03 – Martinez – Chordripper 04 – Nima Gorji – Determination 05 – Reynold – Abstract Dream 06 – Lowtek...
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    Digweed - Transitions

    this mix reminds me of Holden's style...I think Digweed's usual lead (of changing up his sound before anyone else does kinda thing) was displaced by younger, more adventurous DJs. ss p.s. still a good comp though.
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    Jacob London Viper Jam

    What YOU need, my son, is more cowbell. ss
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    FS: Mac G4 w/ Flat Panel Studio Display + extras

    Hate to burst your bubble but I don't think you computer is really worth more than 600 bucks even with your tv. ss
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    Flying with an E.U passport

    Technically, Northern Ireland is part of the UK, which is not part of the EU. It shouldn't be a problem however if you tell them you are there to travel. If you tell them you want to work they may require you to have a visa, as you are coming from a country (from their perception) that has...
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    fav producers for 2006

    Jimpster Loco Dice ss
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    Sensiva - Russian downtempo/breaks and some crazy Scots

    http://www.myspace.com/sensiva http://www.myspace.com/solipsism ss
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    Trentemoller - The Last Resort

    I saw this online at HMV for 17.99, it will retail at HMV stores for 27.99. Sounds like a good deal to get now. ss http://www.amazon.ca/Last-Resort-Trentem%f8ller/dp/B000HIVSH4/ref=sr_11_1/702-7075288-4004838?ie=UTF8
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    Bonobo - Days to Come

    A new disc by Bonobo is pretty sweet downtempo vibe. It features the voice of Bajka, who for those that may remember, was the vocalist on the Beanfield - Tides tack (Carl Criag mix on Fundacion). Nice groove to most of the disc. Check it. http://www.bonobomusic.com/bonobo/news.php ss