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Recent content by Simplistik

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    Bigups for the BigBadBirthdayBoy!!!

    have a good one triple B ;)
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    What Are You Listening To Now Part 1

    tobias thomas - SMALLVILLE
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    Robert Hood/ Monobox

    his production brings a :D to my face... the vision - spectral nomad [metroplex 025] = my fav hood record... monobox is pretty dope as well
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    What Are You Listening To Now Part 1

    ^^^ i have that set as well... it's too short. the mix of El Jem with Plastikman's headcase is pretty interesting
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    Phone in a request

    I should have quoted todd first...sorry i believe he was referring to 'club soda' which is on the highrise dlp ;)
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    Phone in a request

    savvas ysatis - highrise DLP club soda is the track
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    records for sale on another board...

    shhh... figured i'd give you guys a heads up in case you were interested in what mr. bloch has for sale: here
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    What Are You Listening To Now Part 1

    forever sweet - don't speak (justus kohncke mix)
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    track ID good peeps

    just checked and discogs didn't even have that info... oddmyth - 1.... discogs - 0
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    track ID good peeps

    yup... dk = dahlback & krome dk - sex = dk6 dk - the difference = dk7 dk - murder was the base = dk8 so what the fawk happend to 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5? was 'the real jazz' not one of them?
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    New Allen & Heath mixer XONE 92

    ^^^ true i only read one article on the subjet and it just came across a little odd. upon more research i realized that i was a little of base with that statement ;)
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    track ID good peeps

    dk7 - the difference (martin landsky remix) [output] but there are a few different mixes....the above seems to be played most (i.e. bug, villalobos, etc.)
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    OOOOHHH new Minidisc looks pretty bomb

    i was going to go with an iriver ihp-120/140, but i think i'll look into this first
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    Warp Records Reject DRM, Go Bleep

    is it me or is the site deathly slooooooowwww?
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    Its 31Hz in my bedroom, what about yours?

    ^^^ don't forget to email me you lazy bastard!;)