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    why bacon?

    i like my bacon like i like my men.. greasy!
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    why bacon?

    my ultra jewish grandmother is the biggest anti-semite of them all!
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    why bacon?

    have i told you that you remind me of kevin BACON?
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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    you had your chance with molly ringwald, and you blew it buddy. BLEW.IT!
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    why bacon?

    why not?
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    Watch your Head - Its going to HAIL

    the weatherman lies the island in michigan that i used to live on, had an old man that would tell us what the weather would be like based on the tide, the seagulls adn the moss or something. he was a drunk, but never wrong.
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    Ikea computer desk (birch) $25

    interested. used? how worn out are we talkin? all the parts available?
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    1992 sentra for sale, $600

    p.s lady driven lady=me
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    1992 sentra for sale, $600

    automatic 200,000 kms. khemistry, i replied.
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    1992 sentra for sale, $600

    salad: the e test and safety was done before the tank developed the leak. seam leaks and tank leaks are easily fixed. scrap yard is the best bet, then get the tank sealed and proofed and guaranteed by like canadian tire or something. lucky for me my ex was a super car guy and fixed up the...
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    1992 sentra for sale, $600

    so im getting a new toyota yaris -and i want to sell my sentra CHEAP. 1992 nissan sentra, certified, E tested. new brake line, fuel line, front wheel barrings, alternator and brakes. only problem is the gas tank has a seam leak so the tank needs to be replaced or fixed. its a great...
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    Im Crazy For Swayze!
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    ***##The Picture Of A Picture! Thread! ##**omgomg

    its a pic of a pic that i have as a mural on my whole wall. possibly maybe?
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    Well known fact about yourself. . .

    well known fact: i like banjos falsehood: im a lesbian