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    Electric Island

    Thanks Alex :) do you have any more pictures?
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    Pezzner LIVE PA @ Footwork

    Sorry Pink! Sad I had to miss out but I jumped on a last minute road trip to Tremblant. :( Heard it was a great time though!!
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    Derrick Carter @ FW

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    Derrick Carter @ FW

    Some pics courtesy of Andre M...
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    Derrick Carter @ FW

    so many highlights but this one was definitely my favourite.. one of my all time favourite house jams! as mentioned above.. hit capacity just after 11 and Derrick was on point with his signature style and sound. There's really no other dj that I can think of that does what he does...
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    FS: Raptors vs. Lakers - Jan 24th - $380 - 2 Lower Bowl Tickets

    These sold? I'll take em if not.
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    Derrick May @ Footwork

    my favourite fw review ever!
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    Greg Gow gets props from Derrick May

    featured on Beatportal.. Greg Gow kick starts Transmat’s digital life | Beatportal Nice one Greg!
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    Burn on him: Burning man at Burning Man

    That's a crock of shit. You need to be responsible for how your actions affect those around you as well. Basically that ticket is saying that the promoters can do whatever they want no matter how it affects the thousands of people around them. It even says if we're negligent, we're not...
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    LF: Frank Murino (Mark Farina) - Wicked Games Booty

    definitely a baby joel special ;) sage, get me your email address and i'll send er over to you.
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    Burn on him: Burning man at Burning Man

    I feel like this guy is a douche twice over. First, because he walked into a 60ft bonfire. And secondly, because he didn't hire a good enough lawyer who was capable of showing that having a 60ft bonfire at a party in the desert attended by tens of thousands of people, who may or may not be...
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    Patrick Swayze dead

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    Recommend A Good Home Inspector In Downtown Area

    Just used Lighthouse as well. They did a great job. Definitely recomended. Michael Tita - 905-271-6381 www.lighthouseinspections.com
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    Stereo burns down...Again?!

    yikes! :( http://www.montrealgazette.com/Police%20investigate%20possible%20arson%20Stereo%20night%20club/1950472/story.html Police investigate possible arson at Stereo night club The GazetteSeptember 1, 2009 7:01 AMComments (13) Police are investigating a possible arson at...