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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    Job...What job? Girlfriend...What girlfriend??? A couple shots from my last couple weeks wandering around Thailand.
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    I quit my job today.

    I made it. I'm finally here after 30+ hours of travel. It's pretty strange to think just over 3 weeks ago I was stressing about my job, girlfriend, etc. Absolutely NONE of that matters now. I'm now in Bangkok waiting for my bus/ferry to Koh Phangnan/Koh Tao to go dive for a week or so...
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    I quit my job today.

    haha. flying in and immediayely heading south. had enough of bangkok for one lifetime. ya. i've got a solid bankroll. i'm starting out with $10K and taking it from there. have some under the table stuff lines up for me in sydney so i'll probably do that for a month or two. don't really...
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    I quit my job today.

    i'm here. just woke up cuz...i don't have a job to go to. newstyle666 remains to be the biggest douchebag on these boards....without a doubt. fly into bangkok...then spend about a month or so diving, partying etc...then laos, vietnam, cambodia, malaysia, indonesia...then off to oz, fiji...
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    I quit my job today.

    took a lot to get me to this point. left my old job about a month ago for a position with another bank and ended up HATING it. the gf thing. my apartment flooded. god has litterally been shitting on my head for the past month. this has always been something i've wanted to do so...it's now...
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    I quit my job today.

    In the course of the past week, I've broken up with my girlfriend (ya, I know... like the third one I've mentioned since I've been on here), quit my job, signed over the lease to my apartment, renewed my passport....and bought myself a one way ticket to everywhere. Just wanted to share...
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    kuba - mr. and mrs. bear said the wedding was amazing. congrats!
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    Boobies at Yonge and Dundas

    i would have taken a pic and posted but i didn't have my phone on me. sorry folks. they weren't really anything special.
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    Boobies at Yonge and Dundas

    just walked over after reading this post. fucking hilarious. there's like 50 guys just standing around staring at them and taking pictures.
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    Learning to drive standard

    if my ex learned, anyone can. all it takes is a bit of patience. first time you hit that clutch point and you start rolling in first gear without the jolts is a great feeling. have fun!
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    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    heading to 7 numbers tonight on the danforth. anyone been recently? is rose still holding the fort down?
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    Alcohol consumption during the summer months

    does your alcohol consumption skyrocket during the summer months? do you find yourself hungover more often than not during the week? does it level off and go back to "normal" when the cold weather arrives? i find myself saying "it's summertime, this is what happens when it's summer in the...
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    wednesday night breaks?

    i've been to lobby once. i paid $11 for a pint. i've never been back.
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    f__k Ikea, honestly.

    ha. my thoughts exactly. just thought i'd break it down by saying he's a fuckin' idiot.
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    Hey Mephisto!

    my friend just quit his high paying job as the national field manager for a relatively large marketing firm to become a pilot. he was making great money, had all kinds of advancement opportunities and he just resigned. what makes this even cooler is a couple months back we were drinking...