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    Cherry Beach

    As do I, and none of them are bigtime.... and in response to scatterbrains, a simple thank you and possibly something along the lines of, "i'll keep that in mind"
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    Cherry Beach

    Quite correct, Justin, I apologize for the mistake...and the correction will be made momentarily. lok and Humanjava, you know what I am talking about. And to scatterbrains, constructive criticism was given, was not acknowledged and therefore as far as I am concerned, that means it was...
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    Cherry Beach

    Oh, I was positive in my first post. Since it was completely disregarded, I decided to be harsh. Constant trainwrecking is not my idea of good DJing.
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    Cherry Beach

    Well marcinm, since you completely disregarded what I said, even though it was worthy advice from a more experienced DJ, here is one more piece of advice.... Learn to mix before you get on stage again.
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    i will DJ until i drop - Jeff Mills

    You should have seen some of the guys at Cherry Beach last night....terrible...shoes in the dryer left right and centre. Its how you work with the tracks you play IMHO. If you can't mix, get off the stage. Cheers, Jake
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    Cherry Beach

    The party was fun, I got to throw down a few tracks...I had a good time. One word of advice from another DJ marcinm, keep practicing and listen to other DJs demo tapes. Make sure you can play properly next time so you make a better impression on the promoter. Just a friendly word of advice...
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    Buscemi Fucking Rocked!

    I came by on Friday to see Manitoba. That was good show. Very interesting to listen to. Ran into DJ Shine at the Long and McQuade tent and he asked me to bring some records down. A very pleasant surprise. Thanks! :D We came down on Sunday afternoon with some records and played hard techno...
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    I'll be there...:D Cheers, Jake
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    Techno room day jobs

    Yeah, weird eh? A government employee who plays underground music events by night. :D Works for me, there are actually a few of us at that office too! A DJ, producer, and an MC. We're infiltrating slowly...and will take over soon! ;) Cheers, Jake
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    Oh, they can be... don't you worry about that. Cheers, Jake
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    Techno room day jobs

    I am an adminstrator at a provincial government office...good job that pays well. Works for me. I DJ and produce on my spare time. Would I like to make it a full time career? YOU FUCKING BET I WOULD! :D That is the ultimate goal. Cheers, Jake
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    Do you play techno too fast?!? (what's your speed)

    145-150 or so usually unless I am playing in a more chilled out room...
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    new mix--OHNO! ITS YOU!

    Good mix as always from Ty...
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    Help! Mixer recommendations!

    I say get the 600, once you play and record on it, you won't regret paying for it... Cheers, Jake
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    Darkrave v.49 / March 6th (Matrix/Task in Holy Joe's)

    Looking forward to some cool minimal techno from Task and Matrix there... If you want some harder stuff, Ladius and I are playing hard techno on 3 decks with EFX from 4am - close... CAN'T FUCKING WAIT!!!!!!!!!! :D Cheers, Jake