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    Open forum to anyone and anything that wants to give loving hate to DIWC

    Vintage Cheeka at it's finest. If my memory serves me correct I believe that Chrissy spent much quality time in that tent, no? If the tent is rocking don't come knocking ;) (I am so dead)
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    Open forum to anyone and anything that wants to give loving hate to DIWC

    Awww, I am definitely feeling the love in this thread. It appears that the FWC were missed. ;)
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    Open forum to anyone and anything that wants to give loving hate to DIWC

    Oh Tribe how I missed thee... Sassy is back indeed bitches.
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    Happy Passover

    Happy Passover to my fellow Tribe members on Tribe.. I had an interesting Seder yesterday. I broke matzo in a random synagogue in Bondi Beach in Sydney. I went with my ex and a friend of his and about fifty other Israelis living in Bondi. I felt like I could have been at a market in Tel...
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    The Holiday WEEEKEND THREAD!

    Celebrating the holiday weekend by lying my pale ass on Bondi Beach and throwing a shrimp or two on the Bar-by! :D Merry Chrismikah to all!
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    new years resolutions

    I don't usually make resolutions as I find that I usually never stick with them but since I had a relatively successful last year (completed both my post grad degree in public relations and just completed my masters of communications and partied a hell of a lot less and took better care of...
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    Happy birthday IgStar!!

    Happy Be-lated Jen! Hope this year was the best one yet and hope I get a chance to see you again in the future, miss ya. :)
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    Happy Birthday breakz_btch

    Happy Birthday Jen! :)
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    The Time Magazine Person of the Year is not Me

    I actually think it’s an interesting idea and not so far fetched. I do agree a longer and more in depth and explanatory article would have made for a better read, and might have been a little more thought provoking. Yet, there has been a great technological communication explosion over the...
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    2002 Grey KIA RXV - Great Condition!

    Apparently one of my friends thought I was pricing it too high so i am asking $6500...this is a really, really good deal, its practically new!
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    2002 Grey KIA RXV - Great Condition!

    $7,200...or best offer.
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    2002 Grey KIA RXV - Great Condition!

    MUST SELL (moving to Australia in two weeks)!!! Grey Kia RXV 2002 – 46,700km, 4 door hatchback, automatic, dual airbags, power windows and locks, air conditioning, bucket seats, roof rack, Power-train warranty, new all-season tires, AM/FM Stereo, grey interior and exterior, certified...
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    Overseas shipping service recommendations

    Thanks for the advice Boo, it probably would be cheaper to buy some stuff (clothes) there and would give me a legitimate excuse to shop, which is always great! :)
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    Overseas shipping service recommendations

    thank you for all the suggestions...I will call around today :)