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    Jeff Milligan @ Toi

    Hah Soju made it in one of those pics. OHH FUCKING YEEAAHH! I was sad the "oh fucking yeah girl" wasnt there. Banging night tho.
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    Health Cards - the photo kind

    coke + ohip card = crusty ohip card.
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    LF flexible FLEXIBLE p/t job

    Becky the job you are looking for is probably casual... they have lots of these positions in hospitals... u should look into it. I'll ask my boss if we need any casual ppl.
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    LOST - The TV Show....anyone else hooked?

    Anyone notice Hurley's dad gave him an Apollo Chocolate bar???
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    Stand-by vacations questions

    If I can avoid it I don't fly from Pearson. I got a return flight to the UK (direct flight non stop) for $420 including tax flying from Hamilton. The airport is like a bus terminal... but I dont see that pretty pearson improvement fee in the breakdown.
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    Have you been on/seen the train that ran over a jumper before?

    Ive been on the platform and on the train. Being on the platform was far worse than being on the train. I watched a guys head get almost or maybe completely torn off as he jumped off the platform at Victoria Park Station as the train approached he kneeled down and wham. I turned away as the...
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    My sister added herself to a database and found our other sister who we had never met who was adopted 38 years ago. My adopted sister contacted my other sister last year and everyone got to meet 9 months ago. It was strange... and awkward... and I haven't seen her since... but we do exchange...
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    LOST - The TV Show....anyone else hooked?

    I know theres a new one on, I am just mad that they are recapping the first season all over again now.. like wtf... they had like how many recaps before.... this hour should have been dedicated to season 3 1-6.
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    LOST - The TV Show....anyone else hooked?

    How many times am I going to be forced to watch recaps and commentary about previous seasons?? thanks for wasting my time Lost... and on top of that this bullshit recap is going to end up being a bonus feature on the season 3 dvd's. Whun Whun!
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    LOST - The TV Show....anyone else hooked?

    7pm on CTV is true however, there is 2 hours of Lost... first hour is a recap of the 3rd season show... and at 8pm is the new one... at 9pm on the American station is the recap show and at 10pm is the new one... My guess is CTV had to move everything around because of American Idol...
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    Congradulations It's Boy! yah but where fuck are my limbs

    How did this woman not know she was gonna have her limbs hacked off??? In America do you not have to sign a consent form to undergo such a procedure?? In Canada if they do any surgical procedure on you... even if you get a picc line you need to sign a consent form and a doctor comes and explains...
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    The Young And The Restless

    That wasn't Phyllis, that was Sheila. She faked her own death, then had plastic surgery to look like Phyllis so she could steal Lauren and Michaels baby. She made that cage the spitting image of Laurens nursery because she pretended she was Phyllis so she could see it. Paul turned the tables on...
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    Paris Hilton gets more exposed

    I can't believe no one mentioned that Valtrex (used to treat genital herpes) was found in the storage space... Paris has gifts that keep on giving... "its a brand new day..."
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    i think this would be the worse disease ever

    I can think of many diseases worse than that to die from... ALS comes to mind. I'd rather lose my mind and die than know what was going down the whole time and not be able to talk or move. I feel bad for anyone who is dying of anything... this disease is so rare, sure it sucks but how many...
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    Dave Shayman (aka Disco D) 1980-2007

    What the shit???? This is some crazy ass news!! :( RIP Dave sorry we dragged you to see Tiesto that one time.