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    good trancecore dj?

    Trancecore Definately the nu energy collective is the pioneers of the freeform sound... I've released 2 freeform records so far.. with 2 more on the way.. Released. Kev Energy + S4 - Evil Returns - Nu Energy Kev Energy + S4 - Be Alive - Nu Energy Forthcoming S4 + Phosphor -...
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    We're going to Monreal This weekend!

    DJ Dan At Aria myself, Sharkey and Lou Cypher Project on Friday at a rave and Dj Dan on Sat at Aria
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    So who actually has records out and where can we find them?

    Records being made. Currently on store shelves: S4 vs Kevin Energy - Evil Returns - Dynamix #9 S4 vs Kevin Energy - Be Alive - Nu Energy #26 Lou Cypher Project - Plague / Famine - Synthetix S4 vs Kevin Energy / Lou Cypher Project - Human Race / Burn an X - Synthetix Forthcoming...
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    feb.23rd. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.HENNES & COLD.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    finally.. new headliners.. nice one
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    Hey Ho Let's Go is By DDR And Indica on COSHH Records