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    classic/acid house records

    yes full lot only
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    classic/acid house records

    a crate of classic acid house with some oddities here n there. most is VG condition technics1200technics1200 list: One True Woman- Yazz Todd Terry Presents Black Riot- Warlock Big Fun- Inner City Beat Dis- Bomb the Bass I Beg Your Pardon- Kon•Kan Anticipate- Mickey Oliver (Oliver & Cheese)...
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    2000 80s records

    Lot of about 2000 records. Mostly 80s dj singles. New Wave, 80s Disco, Electro, some funk and oddities. Years spanning late 70s to about 1990. I dont have the list so better come and see for yourself. Tribe Price: $888 PM of via kijiji 2000 80s Vinyl Records. | cds, dvds, blu-ray |...
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    Mr Kaizen - HAB_00F:Summer Scrolls Of Time-Lagged Forest Invader[Triphop,Breaks,Chillout] Vinyl Mix

    https://soundcloud.com/mrkaizen/mr-kaizen-hammock-audio-bulletin-00f-summer-scrolls-of-time-lagged-forest-invader 00F- Summer Scrolls of the Time-Lagged Forest Invader Upon coming back from unsuccessful forest expedition to eradicate a new thought form the soldier of the year 137258...
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    Harvest Fest 2014

    not lineup but musically.... really nothing exciting... tech house/ generic psytrance/ dubstep... and why is it wrong to actually care about music ? baconpan baconpan
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    Harvest Fest 2014

    sold my harvest ticket this year. musically nothing exciting....
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    Jeff Mills walks off stage at Dour Festival

    from wuderground : Jeff Mills Tells Bottle Throwing Fans That He’s A DJ – Not A Recycling Bin Stu July 22, 2014 Dj News Techno legend Jeff Mills has today released a statement informing fans that, in spite of recent attempts to use him as one, he is not a bottle recycling bank or a bin for...
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    Hammock Audio Bulletin 00E: Binocular Visions Of Space Deer [Chillout, Lounge, Triphop] Vinyl Mix

    https://soundcloud.com/mrkaizen/hammock-audio-bulletin-00e-binocluar-visions-of-space-deer Tracklist: Perrey & Kingsley - Moon River The Baker Brothers - Breathing In Greg Foat Group - Girl and Robot with Flowers (Part V) Mike Boothman - Diego Shuffle ?-? ?-? Mogollar - Muzik...
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    FS: 800+ Records - $250

    I'll pick them Don. Check er PMs
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    Harvey at Foundry

    Good party? absolutely. Great music? Indeed. But i still left with a feeling that he played it rather safe.
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    Villalobos @ Coda

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    Mr Kaizen - Hammock Audio Bulletin 00D: Moai Tuxedo. - Lounge, Chillout, Ethno

    https://soundcloud.com/mrkaizen/hammock-audio-bulletin-00d Tuxedos for a gigantic stone statues are notoriously hard to obtain, therefore in this chapter we have been sourcing materials from a variety of tailors and suppliers in a quest for a "de facto" standard in moai tuxedos. Real glue...
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    Boiler Room TV New Kanada Take Over

    im pretty sure most boiler room events are invite only ch33se
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    DJ Harvey 2014-03-22