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    SOUND CLASH 3... The Valentines Special - February 9th 2002

    yeah, the breaks room or jungle room makes sense...but i see no techno on that lineup... so why post it? that just makes you look desperate for ticket sales...bad PR. Wisen up.
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    damn, you sure did do your research! myself, i'd probably wanna be at the party in Zurich or in Spain with Oliver Ho & Varela awwww... if only..
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    Detroit Techno

    well i'm sure there are others that'll know more than i do (since i only started to get into the stuff last year). But i'll name some obvious names... Suburban Knight, dj Rolando, Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Jeff Mills, Kevin Saunderson (i think), Mad Mike, Underground Resistance...
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    80's influences fashion and electro-tech

    i think i'd give my left nut to see Fischerspooner live... yeah, definitely the left... Technocratic Girl: come out to the Electro nights at Bluedog on Sunday in MTL!!! The place is freakin' rammed, most popular night in that club if you can believe it. You'll see plenty of the 80's influence...
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    Oakenfold "only spins breaks"

    alrighty first off, sorry to drag this forum up again as it seems it was on its way to its death bed I'd like to clear some things, i was in no way dissing breaks or its scene. I love breaks, its right up there with techno as my favorite music form. If i had access to more breaks in MTL it'd...
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    i've seen Stryka in Ottawa...he spelled Ottawa with an 'A'..i kind of ignored him after that i've also seen AK1200 & Lush at the same party (Canaday Day:CD01 in Ottawa) and Lush was a MUCH better DJ AK1200 was boring to the max...yah he had 'dope' tracks (massive dark dnb) but he did such a...
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    Klip! If you're home yet... you're sick!

    Hey Hey all you 'tribers' I came up all the way from Ottawa to see this with my pals from Montreal. It was only my second T-dot party and damn was I impressed. The venue was absolutely massive with quality sound, huge projection screens and a nice chill area. My only complaint about the...