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Recent content by RhesusMonkey

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    Blackberry third Party Applications - FREEWARE

    You can go to Handango for applications, though I think you have to pay for most of them.
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    Stanton Warriors and Freq Nasty

    Great night, tracks I liked a lot from SW: remix of Ludakris - Roll Out (?); remix of LCD- Soundsystem - Disco Infiltrator (SW mix), and as mentioned, the Gorillaz - FGI (SW mix). Freq Nasty - who drops Killing In The Name Of? serisouly, I lost my shit. also followed by some remix of...
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    Who's going to WMC Miami

    So wait, is there something going on in Miami? I should get packing. Anyone else on AC910 from YYZ @10:35?
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    Fred Everything at Footwerk

    I'll be there with Syd & crew.
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    so i just got glasses......

    Nice pussy.
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    Oprah grills tom.

    Do you teach skydiving?
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    Your first computer?

    Vic 20 then Commodore 64 then IBM XT 286 then Tandy 386 then an HP 486 then I boulght my own Pentium II (yeah, skipped a generation) then an Athlon Thunderbird now an Athlon64 I first learned to "program" the V20 when I was I think four or five, copying pages from BYTE magazine. I...
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    Need a Software Phone..

    We use Asterisk@Home with the Asterisk Management Portal here... nice web-based front end, but doesn't make the config much easier. I may be mistaken, but I don't think you can make your modem "talk" for you over the phone line... the DACs used aren't that sensitive to mimic human tones...
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    Girl drink drunks!

    Sloe Gin Fizz -or- Sangria Margarita that's as girly as I get.
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    Razr V3 Question

    Re: Re: Razr V3 Question Further to the point, Mike and other PTT style phones typically work on "iDEN" networks (Telus-Mike, Nextel). RAZR is a GSM phone and will only work with a GSM provider (Rogers, Fido, Cingular, T-Mobile). Both phone technologies require a SIM, but are incompatible.
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    What are you having for dinner?

    I'm making valentines dinner for two. Menu is as follows: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appetizer Cumin cured Salmon on mixed greens with a wasabi/soy/sesame dressing (or wasabi/soy/late harvest vidal, but I'm waffling on that) Main Asparagus and cheese-stuffed chicken breast...
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    Tech Support

    Planning on hitting this up.
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    Connection Issues

    Your desktop is running XP? 1) get your machine to connect to the access point through your wireless network setup window. 2) close this window, and open your services (control panel > admin tools) 3) find "Wireless Zero Config" and disable it. This should keep your NIC from trying to...
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    "Yes, we do like her. A lot more than you, truth be told. Pass the beer nuts, will ya?"
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    Spanish Lessons in Tdot?

    Donde esta la bibliotheca? El queso es viejo y estropeado!