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    Activate Your Ass @ Beba - JELO & SYDNEY BLU

    i'm fine, thank you for asking. i'd ask how you are, but i don't really care:p
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    Activate Your Ass @ Beba - JELO & SYDNEY BLU

    Fine then, maybe I’ll just torture you a bit then. I’m off to hunt down Brian and Shallen now.
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    Activate Your Ass @ Beba - JELO & SYDNEY BLU

    Fuck Matt, now i have to kill you:p ... and yes Evan you will be next.
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    K-OS Booking agency?

    A friend of mine works at his management company, and I know he’s on tour right now until the end of the summer. Management: Chris Smith Management http://www.chrissmithmanagement.com/ info@chrissmithmanagement.com (416) 362-7771 Booking Agency: S.L. Feldman & Associates...
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    I got FUK'D at 99

    good times at 99 last night. and its true, its all about mike fucking d.
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    Breaks Every Saturday Night?

    WOO HOO! Good Shit:)
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    Nick Theos***STEREO MOJO*** EleKtrotek HaUs

    Just downloaded this, and WOW!:eek: Good shit man:) Looking forward to a new mix from Nick Theos:D
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    2TheBeat 2YearAniversary...

    Good times! D.a.v.e., Jelo, Lee, Turtle and Dublin all killed it. Congrats Brian and the @ The Beat Crew, here's to the next 2 years of feeding vinyl addictions.
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    Congrats to Activate!

    who the fuck is chris?
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    ACTIVATE 2 YEAR!!! Oct. 18th

    Killer line up, gonna be a night of some kick ass music!!!:) HATIRAS JELO ROBB G D-MONIC FUNK'N'STYLE KISEKA WOO HOO!!! I'm already there!!!:D Who's with me?
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    Mark Oliver Electro Set! @ Activate Wednesdays

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    Mark Oliver Electro Set! @ Activate Wednesdays

    Can't miss this, really interested to see what he plays. This is one of those very rare occasions when you get to see one of the best DJ’s in Canada experiment. See ya there!;)
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    element this wed?

    Yes, $2 domestics, shots & mixed drinks and $2.50 imports & fancy shots. All of this b4 12 I’m a regular, incase you couldn’t tell:cool:
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    element this wed?

    Woo Hoo! never miss activate wednesdays:)