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    Same Sex Marriage? Same Answer! Case Closed.

    Right.. Because the "right wing christians" are the only group against same sex marriage in Canada.
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    Going to Vancouver Tomorrow - Any Suggestions?

    http://www.tribalharmonix.org/events/ Try that site. I found out about some really amazing jams through that website. It's kind of hit and miss though, some weekends are packed with events, others are kind of dead.
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    That new Yoplait commercial

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    Ttc Hours

    There is 24 transit in Toronto.. Just not the subway. and you'd be hard pressed to find any major city in the world with 24 hour subway service.
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    Ttc Hours

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    W Magazine Spread: Jolie and Pitt

    Why don't you go raise some money for sudanese children? It would be a hell of lot more productive then wasting your time thinking about Brad Pitt's new flavour of the month. You don't know him, you never will know him, if you ever tried to meet him, he probably wouldn't even acknowledge your...
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    Canadians soon to be required to have a passport to get into the States

    I bet our oil won't have to show its passport when it crosses the border into the USA.
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    US School Shooting - Student Kills 10 - Injures more.

    Yah! Those Americans, they're so violent! We NEVER have random acts of gun violence like that in Canada. Did I mention I have an incredibly short memory???
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    Jetsgo is no more

    I guess you've never taken SouthWest.
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    Spadina Subway extension?

    All the wealth of the U.S.S.R flowed directly into Moscow in the communist days. If you lived in Moscow, you had it good. In Canada, all the wealth flows out of Toronto and into the pockets of the federal government, where it's spent everywhere except Toronto. Maybe when that changes our...
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    North York Ski Centre

    It's a ripoff. It sucks.. It's for little kids or adults who are learning how to ski.