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    The HAIR Thread!

    Fun! Can't wait to see the pics. Cheerbear I like your hair like that. Cut and colour. Solid dark looks good on you.
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    staying motivated to stay in shape

    Great jobs on getting back in gear G-Funk, Skyparty and mandapanda! Hope you feel better Igstar. I am loving my current program. I had to take a couple of weeks off with zero exercise due to a back injury (non-training related), and I just started up again last Monday. Due to the short break...
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    The HAIR Thread!

    What's your style? The upside-down vigorous roots massage and a few accompanying hair flips works for me :p
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    The HAIR Thread!

    I always end up going lighter for the cold months and darker for the summer. I'm lightening up with blonde and red tones and growing my hair out. haha
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    Best place for Fall/Winter clothes...

    It's hard to give a good answer to such a general question. What kind of style do you like? There are a billion clothing stores in Toronto :p
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    Uh, its September: too soon for winter boots, ladies!

    You all suck. Boots are awesome and I'll wear what I want so fuck off. :)
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    staying motivated to stay in shape

    I work at a gym too and I LOOOOOOOVE it! Best job EVER. Totally helps me stay motivated and HELL YES to the eye candy. My gym is mostly men and I get to watch them all for my whole shift. Watching hot men grunt and sweat and pop their muscles is pretty much the best thing ever - especially come...
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    FST: Post Coital Revelations/Confessions

    Guys always say that. It's just guy code for "I'm not ready for commitment" lol
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    staying motivated to stay in shape

    My experiment is going well! :) Today has been a particularly awesome day. Woke up at 6:30am to a gorgeous morning. Went for a 50 minute bike ride along the lake to my favourite park and back, and then did a core circuit at my place before biking off to work. I've written out my detailed meal...
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    staying motivated to stay in shape

    Btw, I flippin' LOVE Oxygen magazine. I have been buying it religiously for a while now. If anyone here hasn't discovered this gem yet, go buy it.
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    staying motivated to stay in shape

    Dude that's awesome. Congrats on seeing some results from all your hard work!
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    staying motivated to stay in shape

    I just started my three-month experiment yesterday. Training 6 days a week with a solid regime and meal plan, and no room for fucking up. Although I've been making pretty steady progress I've been straying too much lately and I need to give myself a much needed kick in the ass. Step up the...
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    The "Where can I buy -?-" Thread

    I usually have no trouble finding them at chain grocery stores like Loblaws and No Frills. And of course theres' always china town. Mmm now I want some. How are you anyway Sara? I haven't seen you in aaaages. Hope you're well :)
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    The Diet Thread

    ^^ Check out "The Eat Clean Diet" by Tosca Reno. It's a pretty good place to start for figuring out what foods will help you and which will hold you back.