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    LF: 21” (XL) frame mountain bike.

    Search the buy and sell listings on pinkbike.com. I have bought and sold a few bikes on it.
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    I started a cannabis accessories company. It's called tribe.

    Shoot me a PM if you want a west coast sales/marketing rep.
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    DJ Riggs - Pound for Pound (2h Jackin House, Funky House Mix)

    Verra enjoyable. Maybe I'm just an old man, but how does one get an mp3 download link?
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    Where do I get a decent portable cd Walkman from?

    Lol at first I thought you meant the year 2001 ... "Hey 2001 called, they want their discman back". Then I realized you meant 2001 Audio Video and it wasn't such a burn. In all seriousness though, try Value Village. I'm sure I've donated at least 2 disc players there.
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    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    Nah, not fancy. It's in a strip of generic low-rise buildings in the Queensway, not some froo froo downtown boutique hotel.
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    No it can't, because then it would've had to have been written as 6÷(2[1+2])=? The correct answer is 9.
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    airplanes are fun

    Great views of the approach to runway 23, and it's a big and pretty empty parking lot so the kids can move around a bunch without much worry. Park behind the Wendy's (and buy the kids frosters in the summertime). Unfortunately I have no idea when the runway is being well used versus not...
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    Insulating Stained glass window

    You ok with it being sealed closed for the winter? You can use a removable caulk like DAP - SEAL 'N PEEL Removable Weatherstrip Sealant
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    Roommate Rental Landlord Living-Space Neighbour Horror Stories

    I've learned so far: - The Investigation and Enforcement unit is separate from the Landlord and Tenant Board, and a complaint to the IEU has nothing to do with a filing with the LTB. - A 'no pets' clause in a tenancy agreement is void under Ontario law, but is valid under BC law.
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    No Fee Bank Accounts?

    +1 Tangerie, but be careful - the lack of actual tellers and branches means that there are some things that you cannot do at Tangerine. For example, no way to do a wire transfer.
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    Which cafe?
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    Laser Eye Surgery!!

    Go get a quote from a different doctor at another clinic, and then you'll really have a different option as well as a second opinion regarding the thickness of your corneas.
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    The Mom Thread

    Dr. Davy and Dr. Munk are pediatricians at Yonge and Davisville. No idea if they are accepting new patients.
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    Much of Toronto's "road repairs" seem bogus. Look more closely at what is being done...

    Gold star to coleridge for most objective and informative posts of the day
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    Tablets & Kids

    How old are your kids? Best apps will depend on the age.