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    Reporting Welfare Fraud

    Problem is the relatives wittingly or unwittingly aided the fraud (although in a fairly passive way) so they may not be entirely innocent. They may end up as collateral damage though depending on how aggressive it was prosecuted I suppose. An old person with arthritis and a host of medical...
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    Reporting Welfare Fraud

    Three out of four Tribers agree! Before the thread gets snitchy I should clarify that no identifying information has been disclosed to authorities, only the abstract of the fraud.
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    Reporting Welfare Fraud

    I find myself in the unpleasant situation of having knowledge of fraud perpetuated on the Welfare system. This fraud was long-term and systematic and includes hiding assets to ensure program eligibility, hiding income, and collecting benefits while living out of province. I have specific...
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    What, no "OMG it's SNOWING HOW WILL WE EVER SURVIVE" thread?

    After shoveling my driveway and front walk for the third time today I have given up and have decided instead to slaughter the next Tauntaun I see and live inside its eviscerated carcass.
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    Cool Scherenschnitte (German for paper-cutty artsy stuff)
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    Nobody Cares...

    I <3 Porter.
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    I bought one and ended up cancelling the order after playing with one in person. The problem is the collapsible wand - you can't attach things directly to the handle - so you end up with this 2 foot long thing trying to do 'detail work like clean out your car. The hose itself doesn't have a wire...
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    Tribe Photo Assignment v5 ends Feb 20th

    Haven't posted any pics for a while. Shot these available light self-portraits for portfolio. Orig - 50mm, f6.3, 1/40, ISO200 Levels, tritone, grain: Orig - 35mm, f6.3, 1/40, ISO200 Crop, Levels, curves, colour balance, grain:
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    Porter Airlines says Toronto/New York flights this April

    The tolerances are set by the designer and contracted to the machine shop. If the machine shop screws up and does shoddy work how in the manufacturer to blame? The Q400 is a decent puddle jumper. Having flown a fair bit on Porter I can say three things stand out: 1. Landing at Island saves...
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    Excuse me, your son's corpse dented my Audi

    Audi owners are jerks. However, an A8 is made of aluminum - that's expensive panel work.
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    Canadian is the new N- word

    I just purchased a new leather sofa, and when it arrived the tag was labeled 'Canadian Brown.'
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    Nobody Cares...

    My life does zero to shitty in 4.2 seconds flat.
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    Nobody Cares...

    So tired. My son just fell asleep. The responsible thing to do would be getting ready for tomorrow and going to bed early. The stupid thing would be watching 3 episodes of The Wire. Decisions decisions.
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    Foie Gras. love it or hate it....

    I had a couple of huge slabs of foie earlier this week while in Vancouver. Had the filet with foie for dinner one night and my colleague ordered the same she only wanted the steak. Regifted foie is still foie.
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    Nobody Cares...

    Off to get a long overdue haircut.